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My 2 cents on Beads.

I purchased the 65% beads from Heartfelt. I have them in all my 5 humi's now. My experience so far is that they keep the spaces right at 67% +-1% with a salt calibrated digital hygrometer. I replaced the florofoam pucks in the black humi devices with beads. I don't care for these black containers as you cant see the beads to tell when they turn white. I prefer my DIY clear pucks which is a no brainer. No hygrometer needed in EACH humi. As long as the beads are not all white, I know I'm ok. I use a medicine dropper to drop distilled water on them every few weeks. I had an accident in 2 of my black humi containers. After the humidity shot up to 75% in the one I happened to be monitoring I opened it up to find that I had over watered the thing and water had run out all over the floor of the box. DANG!! only one cigar got wet a bit on the bottom.. No damage. Water just poured outta it and another I had over watered. Can't see the beads to know when it's full. I will be replacing these with DIY clear ones.

Beads are great, I highly recommend them. They eliminate the need for a hygrometer if you can visually monitor the beads easily. I won't be buying any more hygrometers, just more beads, and of course cigars!

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