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Originally Posted by Benecio View Post
Hey fellas just want to clarify a couple points.
It is critical that your cigars are stabilized in regards to humidty before you seal.
Secondly my reason for doing so as stated in the LCdH thread was to preserve the fresh verdant tastes of a young cigar,which I enjoyed back then and still do but based on my tastes and whats coming out of Havana right now.....well I digress. Point being this "sealing" might possibly allow me to occasionally still enjoy those youthful tastes before the extended "dumb" period began at which time the cigars become unsmokable for possibly years. It was only after I unsealed a box of Coros a couple years later that I realized the sealing had not only preserved the bold rich verdant flavor of a young cigar but the bouquet and fine nuances of the tobacco also ,to my tastes anyway.This was all done before MRN made public his thoughts on long term "slow" ageing,which imho gave credibility to sealing and the benefits of.
Please keep in mind though this was/is an ongoing experiment based on the availability of product and the reality that it might in fact go sideways at some point,I accept that.
Recently I unsealed a box of BBF's after 8 years and while I was very pleased with the performance of the cigar I smoked I was troubled that the moisture content had increased,uneven burn,no mold,no ammonia smell but definitely increased moisture. I sent one of these cigars to Doug to try for his input.
I would suggest to anyone doing this,you included Doug ,open a box after a couple years just for inspection,especially if your going to commit a large portion of your keep to this experimental process.

I,ll be interested in Dougs findings with that BBF !
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