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Cigar Reviews This room is for organized blind reviews, individual reviews by CW Members and reviews entered into the database that the Editors feel are particularly well done.

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This weeks cigar was donated by Emind56 and netted an average score of 25.4 (18,19,20,32,38), which means 3 stars.

While one of our reviewers found this to be an enjoyable milder cigar, the others did not seem to care for it. The most common thought was that the cigar’s spiciness clashed unpleasantly with the floral scent that the cigar was imbued with.
Defining comments:
“man i hope this was not the one i sent”
“she smells like a French whore”
“when this cigar went out with about 2 inches left, I felt somewhat relieved”
“It was a little mild for me but I would like to try it again”
“This cigar left me filled with bitter resentment”

Here are the full reviews:


PreSmoke: 'nice wrapper .tight, little veins somewhat on the dark side as
wrappers go. draw ...too easy’

Smoke: 'on the lite up it was very bitter with uneven burn . some hot
spots. to tell you the truth i did not finish it . '

Summary: 'did not like at all . man i hope this was not the one i sent .if
so maybe all the shipping time had something to do with it .'


PreSmoke: '6”x 44 This little lady seemed to be beautifully constructed.
She was even, firm and great looking! She was wearing a large well-applied
chapeau. Her skin was a nice dark ems, close to maduro color, and she must
have used lots of lotion, because of her oily sheen and her smell. Though
she’s a great looker, she smells like a French whore, ABSOLUTELY
GOD-AWFUL! BLECCH, GAK, P-TUI!!! She had a faint grassy tobacco smell that
was hard to perceive through the aroma of floral scented soap and hand
lotion. (No foolin’ folks that’s what this cigar smells like). When I took
off her chapeau, her top was packed very firmly.

I cannot believe I am actually going to try to smoke this hideously
scented cigar! If I wasn’t participating in this review, I’d send her out
the door now, but I’ll try to remain open minded with perverted curiosity.

She looked hot but burned cool, and she had a perfect solid light gray
ash. Too bad someone put so much effort into the superb construction of
this baby.'

Smoke: 'Though she was firm, she was mild mannered and light in body. Her
flavors were not awful, but tainted with the aroma of her perfume, and
just did not go well together. I like cigars with good flavor from the
tobacco itself, but this tobacco competed with the additives in this
cigar. I’d characterize her flavor as mostly like her aroma, mild soapy,
floral, vegetal and unnatural with a bit of grassy bitterness. In spite of
all this, strangely smooth, and not as bad as the scent itself.
Intriguing, but I could only take her for so long. ½ way through it got
the point where I’d had enough. Her soapy quality got to be too much for
me. No home run tonight. I had to be truthful with her and myself. I
finally kissed her goodbye and sent her out the door. I’m hoping she
doesn’t call back.'

Summary: 'I have only ever enjoyed one flavored cigar, a Fuente Anejo.
Perhaps I am biased, but I like my cigars like my women….natural. I’d need
serious beer goggles on to see this lady again.

To me this numerical rating system does not represent this cigar
accurately. The high numbers for construction burn and draw misrepresent
the total experience. I would not recommend this cigar.'


PreSmoke: 'A well constructed cigar, with a very nice draw. The first two
thirds of this cigar burned very well with only very minimum touchups
required. the neat cap clipped off cleanly revealing a pleasant predraw
of sweet tobacco with hints of green tea. the only burn problems were
encountered in the last third, wherein this cigar showed a tendency to go

Smoke: 'The first third of this cigar smoked mellow and pleasant with a
core of sweet tobbaco tastes, incorporating hints of green tea. IMHO the
best part of this cigar was the aroma, sweet tobacco scents. I would bet
that if I hadn’t been smoking it, I would have thought that this specimen
had nice room presence. Unfortunately the first third was the best third.
This cigar never really developed, the flavor stayed the same all the way
through. The only appreciable difference was that it became increasingly
harsh as the smoke wore on. The finish was practically nonexistent. '

Summary: 'This cigar wasn’t horrible, but it wasn’t good either. There are
much better $2-$3 cigars out there (hopefully this one isn’t more than
$2-$3). In summation let me just say that when this cigar went out with
about 2 inches left, I felt somewhat relieved, and had absolutely no
desired to relight it. '


PreSmoke: 'This cigar was very well made. The wrapper was dark and had a
slight amount of oil to it. The cap looked very well made and the pre
smoke draw was what I would call perfect. Size was 6 x 45. I didn’t notice
much of a scent to it as Bill did.'

Smoke: 'Once clipped and lit the cigar produced lots of smoke with each
draw. I immediately noticed a spicy peppery taste in the back of my
throat. After starting out strong as it did, it mellowed out nicely after
the first third and stayed that way until the end. It had a very firm
bunch and produced a tight, light gray ash. I had a few problems with the
wrapper splitting at the very start but it stopped and burn’t evenly
throughout the rest of the smoke.'

Summary: 'I gave this smoke a 38. It smoked and burned just about perfect.
It was a little mild for me but I would like to try it again once I find
out what it was.'


PreSmoke: 'The first thing I noticed about these samples upon receiving
them was their unique aroma. They had a light but very distinct floral &
apricot scent reminiscent of the Lars Tetens/Acid lines. This is not a
cigar that usually graces my regular line-up, so I was pretty excited to
experience this. However after about a week of storage in my desktop,
wrapped in an individual bag, the scent had all but disappeared. These
nice-sized coronas weighed in at about 6 x 46 with a splotchy dark
colorado wrapper that was beginning to separate at the seams. The cigar
clipped cleanly to produce a perfect pre-light draw. So far so good! '

Smoke: 'This one was a very light cigar with a light bit of cedar and hints
of floral that never really developed. The wrapper produced a mild
spiciness on the lips and throat that lingered, however the spiciness was
not altogether pleasant nor did it particularly fit with the flavor
profile of the cigar. I found myself puffing and puffing, thinking that
something more would develop..... but it never did. '

Summary: 'This cigar left me filled with bitter resentment from promise
unfulfilled and potential wasted. I really tried to like this cigar but
found nothing to catch or hold my attention. I would not smoke this cigar
again. '


"Lars: The Joe Camel of cigars"

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