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Cigar Reviews This room is for organized blind reviews, individual reviews by CW Members and reviews entered into the database that the Editors feel are particularly well done.

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matt fury
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FSB Blind Pass/Play: ElkTwin Bonus Blind review

Okay, I smoked this sucker earlier in the week, but didn't get around to posting the review until now. This is my first review, so take it easy on me. Any criticisms are welcome.

ElkTwin Bonus Blind, accompanied by cold Dr. Pepper and Kill Bill vol. 1

Initial Impressions: This is a panatela sized cigar, at least according to my comparisons. Very light muddy-tan colored wrapper with a few vanes. Almost a slight green tint. Wrapper is very smooth, and the cigar has a medium box press. Cellophane is nearly the same color as the cigar, and looks O-L-D. In fact, the plastic fell apart before I could get the cigar out..practically disintegrated.

Construction: Construction seems pretty good, but not amazing. I wouldn't be too suprised if this was a machine-made of some sort. The cap cracked a bit when punched, and the hole didn't cut very cleanly. Might be a storage problem, but it's not that bad, and doesn't intefere with smoking. Has a slightly springy feel and a medium density.

Pre-light: Easy draw, mild taste. So far so good.

Smokin': Cigar lit very easily, requiring very little coaxing from my silver DuPont. The ash burned nearly perfectly white in the beginning, and got a little darker as the smoke went on. For such a small cigar, it produced billows of almost blue, creamy smoke. As I inhaled, the combustion was plainly audible and very visible, even over the sounds of Yakuza being eviscerated. Taste was very light, with a slightly nutty/burnt flavor to it. A good taste, if a little mild. Tasted exactly you would guess it would from looking at it. Ash fell pretty easily, and wasn't very dense. The taste was mild enough that it was easily overpowered by the refreshing Dr. Pepper, but the cigar wasn't tasteless. It seemed like a good deal of the mildness came from the age, or at least that would be my guess. Cigar burnt evenly, but not razor sharp. Required no touchups, and little attention. Smoked down to the nub without any harshness, and it didn't go out once, nor did it get too hot/spicy due to being too hot. Taste improved a bit at the end.

Overall: An enjoyable smoke, even if it has a slightly subdued flavor. Construction proved to be more than adequate, but could be improved. Definitely something I wouldn't mind trying again. B+/A-- by my just created scale.

OK, surprise me..what is it?
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