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Old 09-07-2002, 10:44 PM   #1
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Does anyone feel that Jazz fusion will ever return?
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Has it ever left? Rock ain't rock anymore, so it's tough to fuse. I can't see jazz guys fusing with grunge.

Who tagged BigO's wiener?


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God I hope not!!

Closest thing going is Avante Guarde which occasionally fuses

Can you see God Smack meets Thelonious Monk?

Or how about StaticX meets Charlie Parker?

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Old 09-08-2002, 08:58 AM   #4
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Hmmm... Thelonius Smack. I think you're on to something there. :P
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Old 01-03-2018, 05:07 PM   #5
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I hope not.
But who is the creator of this thread with no name? Valdomort?
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Old 01-04-2018, 07:11 AM   #6
El Chefé
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ElkTwin. He was learning the master control program and somehow managed to delete his handle and gave himself more stars than the site has existed.
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Doesn't sound like me, though.
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