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I'll Drink to That! What is your favorite beverage to have with a cigar? Juice? Cola? Beer? Port? Single Malt Scotch? This room is for the discussion of beverages, especially alcoholic beverages that go well with cigars!

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i tried my first port,Australian vintner, Clocktower. very nice. came from a recomundation from my stores wine steward. easy drink,low alc 18%,nice brownish(tawny) color. very enjoyable for my first attempt at ports. good taste too.runs $12.00 btl. for those of you that are questioning either a cab/bourbon/port give it a try.

Coach Oyaski
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Also, try Whisker's Blake Tawny Port (Australia). Runs $14.99/bottle here in Atlanta. Has become one of my favs.

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Coach, exploring different ports is almost as much fun as exploring different kinds of cigars. Enjoy.

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If you can find the half bottles you can try different ports or different ventage for half the price. Since i usually drink by my self they are the right size for a weekend. Yea i know i'm a lightweight. think they are called splits, not sure.
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