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I just fixed my lighters

I discovered that the torch lighters have a limit on their adjustment pre-set by the factory, and after you re-fill them the first time, somehow the flame just isn't as big anymore. I took the screw out of the bottom that holds the housing on, and removed the housing exposing the tank and the flame adjustment screw. The screw has a tiny rubber gasket on it. Remove the gasket carefully (you're going to put it back on), and you will see a brass or steel ring that is fitting over the adjustment screw and is slotted so that it turns with the screw. This ring has a stop on it so that it hits against the plastic around the adjustment screw and keeps it from turning past the factory pre-set limit. Lift off this ring with a jewelers screwdriver (need one to get this far actually) and you can extend the limit range of the flame adjuster. Play with the adjustment until you are satisfied with the maximum height of the flame. Reinstall the limit ring so that it sits exactly like it did before you removed it. Reinstall the rubber gasket that holds the limit ring in place. Reinstall the lighter housing and voila, your lighter works like it did when it was new.

I did this with some S.T. Dupont Extend knockoffs, and a Colibri Retro, so I think the design of these things is probably mostly similar.
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