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Cigar Reviews This room is for organized blind reviews, individual reviews by CW Members and reviews entered into the database that the Editors feel are particularly well done.

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Arturo Fuente Unnamed Reserve 2021 (ProduXion 2016)


Country of Origin: Dominican Republic

Wrapper Color: Colorado Rosado

Wrapper type: Undisclosed (Sungrown Rosado)

Filler: Dominican Republic

Binder: Dominican Republic

Vitola: Grand Corona

Manufacturer: Tabacalera A. Fuente y Cia

Humidimeter Reading: 64%


Temperature: 84 degrees

Humidity: 20%

Wind: 3mph

Setting: A bench in the shade on the outside of the smoke shack.

Paired with: Nothing

Supposedly, these were made in 2016, but were stored in their box for 5 years before releasing to retailers, and is a limited production of 1000 boxes of 20 cigars. My experience with aged Fuentes has been excellent, so i have high hopes for this one with 6 years on it now, and being a limited release. We'll see if it meets my expectations.

Pre-light feeling of a fine, slightly veiny texture, smooth cap, and a firm bunch, and visually, pretty good with only slightly visible seams and a single, but long, slightly visible vein. Overall, the appearance and feel is good, and itís a fairly attractive cigar only losing a couple points in this section mainly due to the size and visibility of the vein, even though it was flush and not raised, so wasnít quit as visible as it could have been.

Pre-light draw seemed very good, so no need for risking the use of a draw tool, which ends up causing cracking about 33% of the time with me, or worse, punching through the side and requiring some glue at a minimum to seal the hole if itís not too bad, but sometimes needing a patch make from a bit of the outer loose leaf of the Leaf by Oscar cigars they use instead of cellophane, that I saved in a bag with a 69% Boveda for exactly this purpose. No real pre-light taste aside from just the lightest hint of tobacco.

Now lit and a couple inches in, the burn is only slightly uneven so no correction needed, until about the beginning of the final third where it had grown dramatically and did finally require a correction.
Draw is perfect, just as it felt on the pre-light test, but you never know for sure until you actually start smoking it a see how the smoke volume is for what amount of effort required, which in this case, the draw is perfect and smoke volume is excellent. Aroma is fragrant and slightly floral when retrohaled, which is the only way Iím ever able to smell anything from my cigars for some reason.

Ash is a light gray color and the structure is strong, holding solid for a couple inches even with tapping to attempt to keep it from falling into my lap like is common, but it still hung on very well and remained a solid cylinder even after it tapped off. The coal was perfectly flat, which, correct me if Iím wrong, indicates a good, even, proper burn of all the layers equally. Overall, scored quite well in the three included categories, loosing only a couple points due to the burn needing a correction.

Now on to what is the most important thing about a cigar, and I assume is the same with everyone, the flavor and flavor qualities. Excellent richness and generous body, with generous, well balanced flavors of wood, leather and bitter herb. Overall, the taste had a pronounced bitterness and sharpness to it.
Finish was also generous, with only the leather and bitter herb lingering. No sweetness, saltiness or burn on the tongue throughout the length but the bitterness and sharpness was noticeably present still, but to a lesser extent. Strength was mild-medium at most.
For me, the biggest thing a cigar can have above all else that turns me off is bitterness and/sharpness. For me, they just ruin any enjoyment of the cigar if they are anything above a mild strength or just a hint in the smoke or on the finish. I say this in order to help explain the final score a bit, that I will present shortly. This cigar lost the largest number of points in this section than in any other areas due directly to the bitterness and sharpness.

In summary, the character and overall scale were merely fair, with the bitterness and sharpness, which surprised me in a 6 year old cigar, being the biggest issue and causing the largest number of lost points, in fact I would personally have been inclined to take away even more points, but I didnít simply because my personal feelings on them may be more than with the average smoker, so tried to remain as fair and unbiased as possible. The final score was an 87 out of 100, which isnít really that bad, as it did pretty well in most areas. I feel this score is fair in spite of my personal inclination to drop it significantly due to the bitterness and sharpness.

My first attempt at sprucing up my reviews a bit without losing any of the high point facts, or burying them too much.

Any comments, good or bad on the style of this review are welcome and would be greatly appreciated.

I friggin love cigars

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