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I used to subscribe to CA, I enjoyed their cigar coverage. They recently changed their format, changing the focus from cigars with secondary focus on the "high life", to primary focus on the "high life" and minor treatment to cigars. As much as I would like to hop into the custom lear, jet over to Switzerland to check on my handmade watch for which I am paying a mere 100k, and pick up several boxes to Habanos to tide me over till my next trip to London to check on my castle waiting to trip on over to St. Andrews for a few rounds of golf when I can pick up the next few boxes of Habanos to replace those that I just smoked.

My reality is hopping into the Grand Am, hoping against hope that I have enough gas to get to the local Smokers Outlet where I take the money that I have budgeted for lunch for the week and buy an Ashton VGS or other expensive premium (i.e. over 10/stick, just one mind you, and a couple of Padron 2000's or other tasty but inexpensive smokes to get me though the week, when I do it all over again.

However, back to the point, since they have switched over to this alternate universe that I am not a part of, I have relied soley on the internet for my information. I have found this board an invaluable source, but I am an old fashioned kinda guy. I looked forward to my bi monthly issue of CA, it was nice to get something other than bills in the mail and the price was reasonable. I had a ready reference and I was able to pass it on to my friends when I had completed it. Sharing the wealth if you will. Now, I no longer induldge that pleasure and come back full circle to the original question: where do you folks get your cigar info besides the boards, is there a magazine that is reasonably priced that actually has cigar talk as its primary focus or am I just faced with a future of bi monthly reminders that the spoon in my mouth remains tin foil instead of gold and my chariot remains a pumpkin?
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