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How to make an active humidifier?

I am thinking about making my own "mini" Cigar Oasis for my humidor - it will be smaller than the Cigar Oasis models and will run on batteries. The only thing I can not figure out myself is the automatic start/cut off for the fan. There doesnt seem to be a humidity sensor commercially available that is small enough or doesnt cost a fortune.

Anyone have any leads? Or maybe anyone that's built such a device can give me some ideas?

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Matthew Allen
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I worked with an electical engineer to design our Accumonitor Digital Set Point System and we really could not find a lot of humidity sensors being manufactured that were in our opinion accurate, reliable and affordable. The ones we did find were a basic sensor presented with all the pertinent tech info to apply to your design. This was way over my head which is why I hired an electical engineer.

I never could find any simple solution that was small, accurate and plug and play. The realization I came to was the sensor itself only reads the humidity level. Your design has to manipulate the data to cause fans to turn on and off and give readings on the display. In other words you have to have some type of logic chip or some type of resistive pot that can be adjusted to control fans.

There are film type humidity sensors that are used in room humidifiers that basically turn a relay on and off. When the humidity rises the film expands and loosens turning the relay(and fan) off. As the humidity lowers the film shrinks and causes the relay to turn on. It works but it is hit and miss in terms of accuracy.

I my opinion you are going to be hard pressed to find a solution that works as well as the Cigar Oasis for their asking price. If you are humidifying a small area you would be better off with silica beads(Climmax brand are great). Beads are very effective and affordable.

Just my 2 cents
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Ditto what Mat said. Go with a CO. I believe they were working on a battery powered unit and it may be available.

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I found this sensor from a google search:


It looks to be acurate, small, and readily interchangeable. However, its made in Switzerland and trying to contact their distributor has been less than useful.

If Cigar Oasis comes out with a battery-operated Jr. model, I'm sold! Thanks for the help, guys.
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I agree, the battery powered option would be my first choice, why don't you invent one....dude.
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Bob Staebell
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I would 3rd that opinion. If you want a smaller set up, just take the electronics out of the CO & make your own case. I doubt that one could "buy" the separate components as an individual for the cost of a complete CO.


Bob Staebell
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