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I pine for the old days and the meaningful bowls.

Will not ever happen, so go to 12 or 16 instead and lessen some of the chicanery we have seen from Mullens these last two weeks. Merge the two main polls: AP, USAToday (old UPI) coaches. They don't all watch all the games, they can't, but Lord, the CFP poll propping up all the B1G schools to make OSU look good, and dropping all the SEC schools over one week to keep down LSU. ....

I mean if you go to 16, and play the early rounds ON CAMPUS.
Going with today's rankings, 16 Iowa would go to 1 OSU, with LOTS on the line. I'd watch that.
#15 Notre Dame would come to Tiger Stadium, do or die. Yes, please, LOVE to see it.
#14 Michigan goes to Clempsin, great venue great game.
#13 Oregon would go to Athens and take on the Dawgs.

Now this would/could change after this weekend, but those would be tantalizing matchups
#12 AlaBama would go to Utah
#11 Auburn at Oklahoma in Norman
#10 Penn. State at Baylor in Waco
#9 Florida at Camp Randall

Like I said, I miss the bowls with their conference tie-ins being the end of it. I love when long-standing traditions are maintained. I do.
But this has been so broken, and not fixed properly, yet, screw it. Do like every other college sport, and every other level, even, of college football. If D.III, D. II, and D.I-AA the FCS can do a 16 team tournament, you mean to tell me that the big money schools can't?

Here in Louisiana we have Nicholls, and Southeastern in the playoffs, good luck to them, one of them is going to freaking North Dakota this weekend. Surely, AlaBama, Notre Dame, and whoever else can travel in early December, they have the resources, and if every OTHER sport has championships around finals, what makes the FBS-Division I college football so incapable of doing the same thing?

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