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Originally Posted by PSC109
Originally Posted by timdini
I just bought one of these and it's acting pretty weird (colibri fluid)
In my experience I've found the better the fuel the less headaches. You might just wanna pick up some Vector or Lava fuel before sending it back. I use Lava fuel and it works great I also find it last longer than others as well.
Yup. Colibri's fluid is about the same level of junk as its lighters, IMO.
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Originally Posted by Rob G
If you bought it from David, he will take care of it, no question about that. Just send him an email. I wouldn't be surprised if he reads your post and contacts you directly. His customer service is about the best there is.
No one should ever hesitate to buy anything from David at heartfeltindustries.com as Rob predicted David took good care of me My problem was related to the depressor, it turns off the fuel when fully depressed (off when up, on when mid, and off when down). I purged and tried with Vector (2x) with the same results.
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Originally Posted by timdini
I just bought one of these and it's acting pretty weird (colibri fluid). It only seems to consistently light when not in the zippo case. When in the zippo case it seldom fires off and when it does fire off the flame height seems to change when more or less pressure is put on the lighting depressor. Then once it does get going it doesn't stay burning for longer than 15-20 seconds.

Anyhow maybe I got a dud from the folks over at heartfelt industries. I switched back to the zippo regular insert and will probably just get another Blazer PB207 (it finally died after YEARS).
Your replacement Z-Plus went out today, it definately should not be acting that way.
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I cannot agree more with the other posts above, Colibri fluid is far from the best on the market and has a high level of contaminants in it. I recommend at least tripple refined or quad or quintuple if you can get it. I use Vector Quintuplus and have never had any issues with even the cheapest of lighters.
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Can anyone vouch for Zippo butane? I picked some up when my Z-Plus came in. It lit great the first few times, now it lights every other or every third time. I've only had it for 2 days. I'll check out some other butane before I say it's the lighter, but I'm just curious if I got a lemon.
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I use Vector, Lava or Blazer butane and never have lighter issues.....
My current rotation: Bolivars (RC, PC, BBF, CE and Corona JR), Punch Punch, El Original Claro Corona and Lancero, Davidoff Grand Cru #1, VR Famoso, Upmann #2, and R&J Churchill.
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