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Large Cabinet Humidor Humidification Question

I have a large storage (3000 cigar) cabinet humidor which according to my measurements is approximately 10 Cubic Feet with for which I have always used some sort of electronic sponge device. Today I discovered some mold on the sponge and the inside upper portion of the device. I trashed it and I am done with the sponge.
I am leaning towards humidification beads but would still like some additional input form others who have a similar style humidor.

Does anyone else have a cabinet humidor who uses another method of humidification? If so can you tell me what you use and what your experience has been with whatever method you are using?

Here is a link to my humidor: https://www.amazon.com/Quality-Impor.../dp/B0087WVD0E


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Give Bob Stabell a call. Even though he doesn't build the Aristocrat humidors any more, he still doing humidication units aristocrathumidors.com.
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My cabinet humidor is approx 4 CF. I've used unscented kitty litter for the past 5 years and find it maintains humidity well enough in the 64-69% range. This stuff is about 1/16th the cost of Heartfelt beads.


Nothing special ... I just put 16 oz of litter into a nylon bag, rinse out under hot tap water for a minute, then put the wet bag into a plastic cup and set on the middle shelf. Repeat every week or two for added humidity (since my local area has humidity in the 40-60 range most of the year). I've never had a mold issue.
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I also have used unscented silica kitty litter (Exquisicat Pearl Fresh) for my cooledor for years. I have a tray and add a little distilled water when needed, which is not often. I replace the beads every few years.
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Kroger has a store brand of the kitty litter that's even cheaper. 2 30 quart coolers. Works great, little maintenance.
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at that size I have always gone to active humidification systems that blow humid air around
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Bob Staebell’s Set & Forget systems work extremely well. It would definitely be a chunk of change more that beads but for the money I think it would be an excellent system for even humidification.

Mine has been running for 4 years and keeps it steady at 65%. That is just where I have mine set.
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Thanks guys! I decided to go with Humidification beads and try to save my Cigar Oasis II XL and trash the sponge.
Has anyone tried putting beads in their Cigar Oasis and if so how did it work?

Here is a photo of my Cigar Oasis for reference:
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Bowls of distilled water work for me.
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Boveda makes a cabinet sized humi-pack. For a tall cabinet, I would put one in the top and one in the bottom (shut up Gumby).
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