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Cigar Reviews This room is for organized blind reviews, individual reviews by CW Members and reviews entered into the database that the Editors feel are particularly well done.

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Cohiba Black Robusto

Cigar: Cohiba Black Robusto 5 3/8 X 48

Price: These are not inexpensive smokes ranging from $14 to $18 dollars each.

Construction: It wears a thick Broadleaf Maduro wrapper that is thick and bumpy velvet appearance. It has a wonderful aroma of Cedar that I can smell from a foot away. It also has a rumpled almost rough texture seems to be mainly with the Wrapper more than anything below it. It is very firm with very little give.

Clip: I make a shallow clip and am met with zero draw. I reclip again and the entire cap comes off. Still very little improvement on the draw. I give it another slice and get a meager improvement. I don't want to risk the Wrapper unwinding so I proceed.


Light?: It takes several tries to get this cigar lit, as it is extremely snug. I'm hoping it will open up soon. I wish I was surprised. My luck with Domestic Production Cohiba's has never been good. So I do come into this with a slight chip on my shoulder about them. I expect a certain level of quality and performance in this price range. I do like the Cohiba Nicaraguan cigars, they are tasty. But, the Blacks, Red Dots and I have had a very unsuccessful past. To be said, these are quality cigars, made with quality components. But, my personal experiences have been, well quite underwhelming to be polite. I'm pulling on this puppy for all I'm worth and making very little headway. I have to try to reclip it.........Still no joy. My cigar poker did not make the move so I'm stuck. The Cigar remains the same. ( Hey, my very first Led Zep call back! )

I'm still fighting with this. At 40 minutes in I just hit 1 inch! It's quite the work out. Now you are saying to yourself..."Pitch that Dog Rocket!"I fully understand but, this was part of a Bomb/Gift from a Fellow CW'er. I owe it a better effort, than if I had got it myself. So, I keep at it. Not that it really matters, but tonight's pairing is just Cola. I guess I should be using Gatorade with this much exercise. FWIW the small amount of flavor that I am getting, is muddled with a bonus touch of scorched tobacco. The band was loose from the start so I remove it. The burn has now a bad case of Mono. As in Mono Directional Failure or MDF for short. It is burning strait in the North, East and West but apropos the South is goin nowhere.


I'm at 1.5 hours, I'm done and I'm officially calling it. I'm exhausted and disappointed. I even tried extreme cutting of the full diameter and it made zero difference. Enough is enough, right? I fully understand that this is not a fair sampling of this product in general, but it was a more than fair effort given to this particular cigar. It's just like the
Bay Leaves!

I know you're thinking I've just ( just ) lost my mind. But , no and here's the deal. OK, Some guy's naturally attract money, friends, pretty women or even luck in general, right? Not me, I attract Bay Leaves, now I know it sounds weird, but it's true. Ever since I was a kid, it's been that way. At Elementary, Jr High and HS, I feared lunch time on certain days. First off Bay Leaves are fine they are great for flavoring et al. But while every recipe, I've ever seen, says to remove the Bay Leaf whole from the food after the cooking and seasoning have been completed. But, tragically there are many lazy food preparation folks out in the world and they are all pointed ME. First off, you use Bay Leaves sparingly, right? You don't put 10 into a dish do you? No, of course not, one maybe, two max. These lunch ladies made great heaping Vats of food for unsuspecting school children. So, from first to 12 I got the B-Leaf. At one time I thought they did it on purpose. Maybe they don't like me, thinks I. So, I was extra nice to them and sweet to them. Man, did that backfire on me. They would heap and pile the food on my plate! On several occasions I received More than One! So, my reckless attempt to befriend them, virtually assured, that if there was a B Leaf, I was gonna get it. So, yeah I started looking for those bastages every time. But they are a sly leaf, you would not think so from their rather large size, but they are. Just when you've got to that last bit of Goulash and feel safe to enjoy.....Bam. Some sinister cook has folded one in half and you have a mouthful of GaaK! East Coast, West Coast, North, South even in friggin Alaska! I've been B-Leafed everywhere. The curse is real and it remembers. I've been in Texas several months now and just 3 weeks ago it happened again! In a Mexican food restaurant of all places. Great Heavens Above What Evil would inspire someone to place a full Bay Leaf inside an Enchilada! So, yeah, I'm a B-Leaf magnet and it's seems to be the same with Domestic Cohiba's.


I cannot explain it, but it is real. BTW I retired the Cohiba with the ash fully intact at 2 inches. When out of frustration I knocked it off, I saw and heard it hit the ground and it bounced and landed, still in one piece, Crazy.
When things are this weird you don't have to get creative, it just unfolds for all to see. So, I'll pass on the Domestic Cohiba's and your Hungarian Grandma's favorite recipe for the exact same reason, it's all in the numbers. I'm on the far end of the Bay Leaf and Cohiba Pendulum/continuum of life, may you find yourself happily on the other.

Well, onward and upward!


Do not Hold Your Heart's True Words, until they can only fall upon the saddened ears and broken hearts, already filled with the loudness of grief. -unk

...Quick to Judgement...Quick to Anger and Slow To Understand... -Rush (it was true then and it's still applies today.)

Remember EVERY American Soldier Past and Present.-You -Me -Everybody

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