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Cigar Reviews This room is for organized blind reviews, individual reviews by CW Members and reviews entered into the database that the Editors feel are particularly well done.

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MonteCristo (Dom.) Les Cigar Des Art Churchill Tubo

This one was on my suspicion of "All show and no go" list. If they have to make the boxes and tubos all prettified, how good can the cigar be? Actually, pretty good!
The cigar is approx. 7X48. Wrapper is..... cameroon I think. The start was rocky. Dry and bitter. I've come to expect this of Dominican cigars. It improved quickly. Nice mild sweetness. Further on, I tasted orange peel. The flavor became richer, duskier. You've read this before you say? Yeah, the flavor was surprisingly similar to Perdomo's La Tradicion Cammie . Not as strong though. The progression from front to back was very nice. I liked this cigar and would recommend you try to snag a fiver on Cbid if the price is right. The presentation in the fancy tubo makes it nice as a gift cigar.
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scott mackie
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montes are as predictably as wifey-pooh's reaction everytime a box of cigars shows up on the doorstep...

"what the helll????? i thought you told me you weren't gonna buy anymore cigars????!!!"""

but i guess montes are predictable in a slightly nicer way. though not as funny
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A very interesting situation about these cigars. I came upon one last year and bought a single Montecristo Royale Delicroiux from out of the decorative decanter. It measured 7.5X52. I found it to be exceptional and eventually bought 2 jars (15 sticks in each) over time and now only have 6 of these beauties left. I went shopping around for another jar and couldn't find any, everybody has sold out. I went to my friends at Bonita Smoke Shop and they sold me a box of what they and I thought were the same cigar. The box was beautiful oak with the Delicroiux painting and on the side it said that these were Royales at 7.25X52. When I opened the box and found that these cigars did not have the Platinum Band, but had a decrotive band instead. I also found that these actually measured 7X49 or maybe 7X48. Not what was stated on the box. After further research, I discovered that the Platinum Motecristos that come in the jar have a 2000 Mexican Hubano wrapper and the ones in the box have an Indonesian wrapper. They both also have different binders and fillers from different countrys as well. So, I was somewhat confused as to what the Altidas company was doing with these cigars. It seems that there has been some kind of switch up going on and this may be why you can't buy the Royales in the jar anymore. Could be that a mistake was made or that this was some kind of marketing ploy by the company. Nevertheless, I continued to search for the 7.5X52 Royales and believe that I have discovered them, but not under the same name. Montecristo makes these cigars and are called Montecristo Serie VII. According to thier literature, these cigars are the same size with the same wrapper, binder and filler as thoses that were being sold in the decrotive jar. Only thing is, they are retailing for $120 for a box of 7. Thats an incredible difference in price as compared to the onbes sold in the jar. By the way, I found both the Royales and the ones you tried to be excellent.
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