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Old 01-10-2020, 02:17 PM   #1
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A true percussionist virtuoso passed away

Neal Peart from Rush passed from brain cancer. RIP man, you made a LOT of people want to take up the drum kit.
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OMG no! One of the greats and a major innovator and influencer. Will be sorely missed
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Yeah, hits home in a number of ways.

RIP Neal...I'm still listening.

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I am not a fan of RUSH - let me start there. Geddy lee - his voice sounds like his balls are in a mouse trap.
But the instrumentals - and the drums most of all - were amazing.
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Three virtuosos formed the greatest power trio we’ve ever had. Neil was the heartbeat. RIP Professor.
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my daughter is beside herself. I remember people crying when elvis died, the beatles broke up, john lennon died, so on.

My kid did when george harrison died, and she's really unhappy about this. Rush has been a huge part of her life since she was a child. She has the damned poster hanging in her bedroom now, and she's almost 35
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Old 01-11-2020, 06:33 AM   #7
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They were great in concert
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Originally Posted by RoomDog View Post
Three virtuosos formed the greatest power trio we’ve ever had. Neil was the heartbeat. RIP Professor.
I could not agree more.
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First saw them live as a 13yr old in 1976 at the old Auditorium Theatre in Chicago for the "All the Worlds A Stage" tour (friends dad was a fan and took us). I have been a fan ever since, saw them 12x live and own every bit of music/dvd/bluray/book produced by, for or about them.

To be honest I am a bit surprised how hard this has hit me, other than direct relatives (Father, Grandmother) I have not felt like this at the passing of anyone else. Maybe my age, or maybe the fact that Neil, Alex and Geddy have been such a large part of my life for over 40yrs. They provided the soundtrack to my teenage years, sparked my interest in sci-fi and politics, so much more.....I have been listening to their music and watching concert videos all weekend.

As a drummer and a lyracist there was no equal to The Professor....
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This hit me hard when I heard it. I admit I have teared up several times listening to Rush over the weekend. I am also a Big fan of his books.
I recommend picking up a copy of his Ghost Rider book. I have read it several times. Heart breaking and amazing tale of a trip to repair his "baby soul". If you have a Kindle you can get if for $4.99.
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