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Montecristo Peruvian Especial #2

Y2K was barely in the rearview mirror, and the cigar industry had a problem. It seemed that the panicked masses had bought so much dried food, paper towels, bottled water, and extra cigars, that the cigar retailers did not have a line of buyers around the block as they had just a few years before. Enter the decade of the gimmick.

Buy a box, get a free lighter! Buy a bundle, get a free cutter! Buy our special assortment, get a free ball cap! Everyone had some crap they wanted to stuff in the carton with your order.

The absolute master of this game was Lew at JR. in this instance, Lew had apparently found a guy with a connection in China who could crank out humidors by the boatload. I swear, Lew must’ve had to build a special warehouse just to hold all of the lacquered humidors he had.

Montecristo was everywhere. They had more lines then Bogart in The African Queen. Trouble was, all those lines were basically mild cigars and folks were kind of getting bored. So they tried a new game, and wrapped a bunch of cigars in alleged Peruvian wrapper.

The Monte Cristo Peruvian was supposed to be a bit more full-bodied. And when they were new, they did have a certain body about them. They were never great, but they were different. And they had a different packaging. The yellow boxes were closer to looking like Cubans. And they started putting sleeves on them, and giving some of them a cuadrado press. They ended up with an okay cigar, but still they weren’t flying off the shelves.

Enter Lew with a free humidor deal. Buy two boxes, get a free humidor! Buy another two boxes, get another free humidor! I don’t know about the rest of you guys, but I was up to my nipples in free humidors in no time.

Over the years I’ve given many of them away. I think I’m left with one in the closet gathering dust. But I still have some of those mediocre Monty Peruvians. I guess I hoped they would keep getting better with age, when all they got was older with age.

Thanks, Sean, for taking one for the team.

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