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Cigar Reviews This room is for organized blind reviews, individual reviews by CW Members and reviews entered into the database that the Editors feel are particularly well done.

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Sinatra My Way Torpedo

Blechhh! Does that sum it up well enough?

One of my first box purchases as a cigar smoker; I've been holding on to the three I have left to see if they'd get any better with age than when I first bought them. My dad and I started the evening with 2 of these before pitching them for the R&J churchills (NC) I reviewed earlier.

The only good thing I can say about them was that they looked nice. Gorgeous golden wrapper (shade grown connecticut?) on a well shaped large torpedo. Draw was tight-ish. Burn was good for the inch then went downhill-first lopsided then tunneling. No taste at all that I could discern, and a crummy metallic aftertaste. We let them burn out at the 1/4 mark.

Rating (using the CW system):

Appearance and construction: 3
Burn: 2
Draw: 2
Aroma: 2
Flavor: 2
Taste/Aftertaste: 2
Overall quality: 2

15/50 (below average)

I wouldn't smoke another one of these with someone else's mouth.
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