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Cigar Reviews This room is for organized blind reviews, individual reviews by CW Members and reviews entered into the database that the Editors feel are particularly well done.

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padron 1926 # 6 maduro (#304135) and a partagas black label

I believe the number would put this cigar at a 2003, if I'm wrong please correct me.

I was looking in the humidor today for a smoke (first one since I quit smoking cigarettes) I found this little gem at the bottom, I didn't even know what it was right away!

The construction was top notch flawless, some of the best construction I've seen on a N/C cigar. The wrapper had a good sheen, fairly oily looking, overall I would rate the construction nothing short of perfect.

I clipped the foot and the test draw was just right, not too hard, and not loose. It had Just the right amount of resistance, the flavor reminded me of other great cigars I've had in the past, that slightly bitter note with a touch of coffee. I knew I was in for a treat!

The second I lit this little firecracker it showed its colors, I was hit with a heavy espresso right away. This was not a subtle flavor, or pseudo kind of, it tasted exactly like a heavy duty double shot! After a few puffs it mellowed out just a hint and decided to give me a few more flavors. Next up was a leathery/earthy taste that was phenomenal, this blended with the intense coffee flavor to give a great overall texture to the smoke. As the smoke progressed it threw in creamy notes. This stick put out gobs of chewy smoke, very creamy towards the end. The finish was long and tasty, just a touch harsh, which I'm sure with age will bring out a coffee flavor with age. I normally nub stogies around 2 thumbs, this was half thumb and burning the hell out of me before I finally put it down. I wish I would have had my pipe on me to finish it out!

All in all I rate it a 94, I want to get a few sticks and see how they smoke with 3-5 years on them, I can't wait!

Next up was a Partagas Black Label clasico

This was from a box my brother in law has bought about 2-3 years back. It had some definite age, the cello had a very yellow tinge to it.

Construction was solid and had some heft to it. The cap was applied cleanly. Overall it was better than most.

This is my go to N/C it usually hits the spot when I'm looking for something with a robust flavor, and this one didn't disappoint. This stick gave off a fair amount of spice/leather and touch of cream. It doesn't really alter the flavor along the way, it just plays with the balance a bit as you go. It played just enough to keep interested, not enough to ever call it a complex smoke. I had a small burn problem which required correction, the draw was a bit loose ( I actually thought it might be too tight, my humi keeps at 70% up here in Oregon, it always stayed a 64-65% in Arizona) However the slightly loose draw did not distract from the smoke. The finish was medium in length and nothing spectacular just the same good flavors, I pitched it at about a thumb and a half. I never purged it, and when I pitched the stogie it was just giving me a small hint of ammonia, I was barely able to taste it. Overall I gave this smoke an 87, a great overall smoke, but not what I reach for when I want something special. The price reflects this. I believe JR carries this for about $3 a stick.

Today was a great smoking day, two great stogies and no complaining from the better half
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