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I live in New York and the summers are hot; I can't afford to leave the AC on while I'm at work, ant the temps in my apt. can run in the high 70s, and low 80s. Do I need to live in constant fear of that little bastard tobbaco beetle? One other question; I know I'm getting a little anal about the humidor trays, but is there any danger of the cigars in the tray becoming over-humidified being so close to the Credo( precision 70)? They are stacked 2 cigars high. Thanks.
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IMHO, the answers to your questions are; yes and yes!

You might consider freezing all your 'gars with the intent of killing any beetle eggs and/or larvae. Follow the prescribed method of freezing, (double bagged, freezing for 3 days, then remove from the freezer, place in the refrigerator for a day, then at room temp for a day, then in the humidor), that way you lessen the possibility of a beetle outbreak.

I would suggest you place a sheet of cedar over the top layer of cigars. You know, those thin sheets used in cigar boxes to separate the layers. That may help control the humidity somewhat.

These are just a couple of thoughts and I'm sure the rest of the crew here will offer other good ideas for you.

BTW, there is an excellent article on the Cigar Aficionado website: www.cigaraficionado.com/Cigar/Aficionado/_whatsnew_html|hottip

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Jim has some excellent points. Temps that high are sure to provide an ideal hatching environment for beetle eggs. Freeze the cigars to eliminate that problem. You might consider a cooler for storage.

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Do you guys freeze your cigars on recieving them from a vendor as a preventative measure?
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Freezing cigars upon arrival is a good thing to do - but I just always seem to forget about it.
My cigars get pretty warm also here in Tx, even with the AC running all day. The cooler helps stabilize the temp somewhat, but it still gets higher than I'd like.
So far I've been very lucky - no beetles (knock on Spanish cedar).
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I have been freezing cigars for awhile. In the summer, I place frozen ice-paks in them. Helps keep the temperature down. As for the desk tops, during the warmer summer months, my desk tops are empty. I use the coolers exclusively until the fall. I have on 16 qt. cooler that I keep my day to day smokes stored.

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I got anal about this last summer. I did have some beetles, but only in a few cigars from the same bundle. I went out and bought a 5.5 cubic foot refridgerator and a Williams temperature control. Now I don't worry about my cigars!

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From what I've read, to kill the eggs you have to go much lower than the ordinary household freezer is able to go.

I don't know what that temperature is, however.

I've thought about using dry ice but haven't done so yet.
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I purchased a portable air conditioner. Although more expensive than a window unit, it can be moved from room to room if needed. The unit is preset to run for 3 to 4 hours during the middle of the day.
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I move mine into the basement in the summer. That is one reason I could never buy an Aristocrat or a furniture piece. I'd leave it where I could ogle it and then watch the bugs hatch in 90 degree days.
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