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I purchased a CAO America humidor off the devil site, and it's been great. Best desktop humi I've ever had. Got it for around $65. Great seal. Not the capacity you're looking for, but a top notch box.
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Originally Posted by Kilobyte View Post
I just bought a second from them it got stuck in the military mail system so I only got it a day ago and have yet to figure out why it was a second.
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Years ago I got a 5 Vegas humidor and a CAO Black humidor, both around 150 - 200 count. They worked perfectly for years until I sold them and upgraded to a VinoTemp. I've also bought and gifted a lot of their small 20-count humis with the magnetic lids. Never had any problems with them either.
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I have a Perdomo desktop that I got on cbid and it works quite nicely.

If you have that many cigars, skip the humidor and go right to a cooler.

For that matter, just get one anyway, you'll soon have enough cigars to fill it.

Just put a good hygrometer in it and a bowl with some beads and you're all set.

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Originally Posted by Smoker06 View Post
Stay away from the footlocker unless your handy with weatherstripping and cinder blocks.

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Stogieman bought a nice tower from CBid a while back and he is quite happy with it.
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I've bought two desktops from CBid....the very first one I ever bought (a 50-count), which I still have and works just fine. And one of the cheap small ones with the magnet lock (mine's got 5 Vegas artwork, but others on there are the same humi but with RyJ, Padilla, or some other art on the top) and it makes a great travel humidor.
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Originally Posted by otto_sear View Post
Why screw around with Cbid? Just order the Havana Foot Locker from Cigars International for $150 and be done with it...
Originally Posted by SmoKerch View Post
Uh, aren't cbid and CI actually the same company?
Originally Posted by xrundog View Post
Yes indeed!
Of course, I knew that, but wasn't sure o_s knew.
Otherwise, why forsake the chance at a deal on the exact same merchandise?
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