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Cigar Reviews This room is for organized blind reviews, individual reviews by CW Members and reviews entered into the database that the Editors feel are particularly well done.

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Three fingers plus

So many cigars coupled with so much bourbon.

God I sound like the pretentious a$$ don't i?

The scenario:
Front porch

The cigar:
Arturo Fuente Chateau Fuente

The libation:
Four Roses Small Batch

I love a Sun grown cigar. The tang, the spice, what is there not to love?

The better half is out of town so I am free to do as I please. This means I can sit on the front porch with three fingers of my favorite bourbon and smoke a cigar in peace. What does this mean for you the reader?

You are exposed to my incessant ramblings.

Arturo Fuente. This means perfection in Spanish. Did I mention that I met Mr Arturo Fuentes junior at the Tampa Sweethearts factory? God I am so pretentious.

Back to the review.

Smoking a Fuente is like smoking a small piece of heaven. The draw is perfect. The burn is razor straight and the taste profile matches perfectly to the sun grown package.

The age of this particular cigar is around twelve years, no thanks in small part to one of the awesome FOGS from this board. Unfortunately this is where I must stop giving praise.

While a Fuente is for the most part a almost perfect cigar, I mark this as a fault. Sure the cigar burnt my fingers and was true from start to finish, but there was no mystery. Nothing to peak my taste buds, nothing for me search for, no hidden surprises.

This for me is disappointing.

I want to hit the hidden toffee crunch surprise at the half way point or the leathery ridden hard and put away wet nuances towards the end. Give me a reason to smoke your cigar beyond the pretentious bull of a name. Otherwise Cigar Aficionado here I come.

Love this board? Let others know. Hate this board? Message ElkTwin.

Piece out.
Communicating poorly and then acting smug when you are misunderstood is not cleverness.

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Nice review, Darin. Hope you are doing well. Quiet moments like this are few and far between during my sons' teenage years, but you've inspired me. Off to the porch for a breakfast cigar. I'll check messages when I return.
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