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Herf God
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Gulf Coast Reunion Herf, some pics & thoughts

We are very blessed.
I know there are other groups and organizations out there which may enjoy a close knit sense of community, but I am always joyfully impressed at the feeling of brotherhood I witness among our Cigar Weekly members. I am obviously making this observation in regards to our Gulf Coast Reunion Herf. This past weekend was a perfect example of what I mean. We just finished up what for me was a near perfect weekend spent among friends. Some of these friends I have known for years, some I have only met recently in the past couple of years, and some I only met for the first time this past weekend. We had friends arrive from West Virginia, Michigan, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Indiana, and of course Louisiana.
The weather was very nice, there was food enough for everyone (crawfish, shrimp, blackened fish, grilled & raw oysters, grilled sausage, etc..)
There were cigars on hand of course, and a BIG “Thank You” to those who brought boxes of cigars for everyone to enjoy! (Stan, Bill & Tom….THANKS Guys!)
Friday night was my designated night to cook along with TommyBB, I was charged with blackening the fish and Tommy was the grillmaster with oysters being the choice of the evening.
I’m getting a little ahead of myself though as I failed to mention that the fun for me actually began with a little tradition I share with jmcq……..shucking the oysters! Let’s see, he and I have enjoyed this activity for the past …….well I don’t really KNOW how long! Jamie can usually shuck about 3 to my one, but I try my best to keep up!
At this point we have grilled oysters and blackened fish with some good tunes playing in the background. Everyone is starting to filter in and it’s great to see old friends, familiar faces, and then meeting “new” friends who live far away but whom I’ve come to know online here at CW. It’s a great feeling catching up with those I haven’t seen since our herf last year, as well as meeting others for the first time…...many who have traveled long distances to join us.
Another “tradition” I seem to embrace is my practice of “relaxing” a bit TOO much on the first night of the herf. After several IPAs followed by several “190 Octanes”......I seem to somehow find my way back to bed and just …..crash. I was “out” by 10:00pm this year.
Saturday was another gorgeous day, which started with Keith and myself going to pick up 100lbs of crawfish…...It’s on Baby!!!
Saturday we had boiled crawfish as the main attraction and offered up more grilled oysters along with grilled sausage as “dessert”. If you haven’t tried any of Keith’s crawfish, ya gotta do so, they’re KILLER!!! Nice & Spicy! Taters, corn, onion, garlic and other goodies all boiled up together for a tantalizing feast! One of the fun things for me at these herfs is that there is almost always someone visiting who has never seen much less eaten or peeled a crawfish. Always fun to watch their eyes bug out a little bit and perhaps be a little apprehensive about just how and where to start. It only takes a minute or two of instruction and they pretty much get the hang of it.
After filling ourselves with great food and adult beverages it’s time to kick back with another cigar and relax, but wait, tonight we get the added bonus of having a terrific blues guitarist herfing with us….mannish! We were all treated to some great tunes (and sing-a-longs) performed by Leonard….a perfect way to top off the evening.
The remainder of the evening is spent swapping stories and cigars and as the hour gets late we find ourselves sadly parting ways until we can get together and do it again next year!
I want to close with thanking EVERYONE for coming from all distances to join us, to share our fellowship. It was a great pleasure for me to renew friendships and finally meet some others for the first time. Thanks to all for bringing yourselves, cigars, desserts, drinks and other assorted goodies. I especially want to thank Jamie & Tommy for the work and the help they provided (y’all were HUGE!!!!) and of course a very special THANKS to Keith & Mary for providing their home and hosting the event along with cooking some KILLER CRAWFISH!!!!
Also, thanks to Leonard for bringing his guitar and providing us all with some great entertainment!! Thank You Sir!
Following are some pics that will hopefully give a little hint of the fun and camaraderie I enjoyed....

And yes....I am quite "RELAXED" by the time this photo was taken.
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Herf God
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Herf God
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Herf Meister
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Good times, good food, GREAT people. Amazing when you think about it how we come from all over the country, united, I guess originally, by our love of cigars and posting on this board. Now, we are just good friends.
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Jon, that was simply a lovely post! Boy, you really capture the essence of these wonderful days and nights!

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Very nicely done, Jon!
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