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Rob G
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Problems with RH and CO+

I got in on the group buy for the CO+ and I have been generally happy with it. My problem recently is that the RH in the cooler (about 50qt) will not stay below 70%. I have the CO+ turned on the lowest setting, but the RH keeps going up to 70, even after I take the cooler lid off and let it air out, which brings it down to below 60%.

Now, here are all the details so you guys can make an accurate diagnosis.

1. Cooler is about 50qt - there is no drain plug.

2. It currently has 5 full boxes of cigars and the CO+.

3. The cooler is stored in the basement of my house which has central a/c. The temp is right around 70 all the time and the outside humidity is between 50-60%.

4. I have tested the RH with multiple digital hygrometers all tested with a Boveda pouch to be within 1-2% accurate.

5. The CO+ only turns on when I open the cooler. It doesn't seem to run while the cooler is closed, unless the RH is low. I currently have the CO+ set at it's lowest setting, which should provide an RH of around 60%. (I am aiming for 65%, but even at the lowest setting it's getting up to 70).

This is my thinking. Even though the CO+ is not turning on, the water in the reservoir is still evaporating. In the closed envorinment of the cooler, it can't escape and the RH keeps building. Any thought on this? Thanks.

By the way, I am not really too concerned, as I will be getting my mini in about a month and will no longer be using the cooler. Possibly, in the mini, the problem will cure itself.

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