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Mouse in my humidor!

I was recently reading a post about beetle infestations and traps and was reminded of something that happened to me several years ago. I keep all my humidors, pipes and various tobacco accoutrements in my basement workshop. My basement is a walkout and the workshop is in what was once an indoor swimming pool. It's a large area with a lot of windows. It's a nice space. But I also have a lot of stuff laying around. My lot backs up onto a large woods so there are lots of critters around. Mice have occasionally made their way in.
One summer my glass top ready smokes humidor was running a little high in the RH department. I left the lid open thinking it would dry out a bit. There are two trays in the top blocking the view of the humidor bottom. At the time I was smoking pipes almost exclusively do It was at least several days before I decided to check the humidor again.
For some reason I decided to pull the right hand tray. It took me a good 10 seconds for my brain to process what I was seeing. A number of the cigars were just shredded! At first I thought I had a beetle outbreak. But I didn't see any bugs moving. Closer inspection revealed what was a cozy little nest in the corner. A mouse had decided that my humidor would make a nice home. It had used the material at hand (cigars!) to make a nest.
Mousie was not at home that day. I removed the little nest and found that he had destroyed maybe 8 cigars. I used a small shop vac to take out the detritus. There were some dry turds but it didn't seem that the mouse had peed in the humidor. I wiped it down, reorganized the smokes and closed the lid.
I later trapped a mouse and haven't seen evidence of anymore.
Keeps your humidors closed people!
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