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Cigar Reviews This room is for organized blind reviews, individual reviews by CW Members and reviews entered into the database that the Editors feel are particularly well done.

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Toraño 1959 Exodus Silver Robusto

I'll admit I am a bit late in posting this review. I promised to do this one a couple of months ago, but I make no excuses. I bought a box of these about 5 or six months ago. I've sampled them from time to time, gifted a few more, and I suppose I should do this review now before they are all gone. The cigars have been maintained in the very nice silver box in which they came, at a humidity of 68 to 70%RH and a typical temperature of 72 degrees. It has been sitting out for about 5 or 6 hours in fairly dry (40%RH) air. The box, the well designed labels, and the very nice appearance of the cigars make for an excellent presentation.

As I pull a cigar from the box, the aroma of cedar is obvious and the touch is firm yet supple. The band comes away cleanly, without damage to the wrapper, although requiring a bit more effort because of its width. Unclothed, the cigar has a very nice light to medium brown wrapper, smooth with very little veining, and a nice sheen.

The Xikar clips the cap cleanly without damage. Having smoked a Monte #4 a little earlier with a few cups of Mr. Jerry's finest, I've tired of coffee. It's getting late and I decide on a glass of scotch with a few ice cubes and this beautiful Toraño 1959 Exodus Silver to send me off to bed.

The pre-light draw is nice, with just the right amount of resistance. The wrapper gives a nice honest tobacco taste to the lip. The cigar lights easily and gives a goodly amount of smoke, with just a faint hint of spicy aftertaste. My initial impression is that this is a fairly mild smoke, with muted flavor.

As the cigar starts to warm, I begin to detect some cedary notes and a slight spice persists. As the cigar moves into the 2nd third of the smoke, I realize that this is going to be a mild to medium smoke thoughout that would be best earlier in the day. The scotch, though, does help to clear the pallet enough to realize a little more of the flavor than I've noted in the past.

The cigar burns perfectly, with no need to retouch. The ash is light to medium gray and slightly soft but well behaved, hanging on for an inch or more before I dislodge it. The flavor continues to be muted with a slightly woody character and a pleasurable amount of smoke. The cigar warms nicely, with a pleasant feel to the hand and lip.

As I move into the final third, I catch for a few minutes, what I perceive to be a hint of fruity taste - fleetingly. The cigar is still mild with a pleasant aura developing about it. At about an inch and a half, I notice that it is getting close to time to put this one down. A bit of harshness develops as a sign that the tars are building. At about an inch, I take the last draw and set it down.

In summary, the Toraño 1959 Exodus Silver Robusto seems to be a mild to medium smoke with very nice presentation as is typical for the Toraño lines. I would recommend it highly to smokers who are either novice or have not ratcheted their taste buds up to crave only the stronger cigars. It is an excellent value IMHO. I personally prefer the standard Toraño 1959 Exodus with gold label or their signature line (both equally good values), but the Silver is nonetheless a fine cigar that I will keep around for an occasional early day smoke. I do believe that the cigar has improved in the several months I've had them, so I would recommend buying them and putting them away for at least a few months. I know I will...
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