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My First Coolerdor

Well, after a year on the board I have finally taken the plunge into the land of mass storage. Did I need it based on the size of my collection..... no, but I figured if I built it....it would get filled. Friday night, my wife and son and I went to the local large commercial department store. Just went to get a few things mind you. Usually Faust Jr. and I head to the toy dept and cd dept, but this time, I was on a mission.

I hit housewares first, intending to go small, a tupperdor. Find suitable container size, look at price....damn, housewares are expensive. The intent was to put this together for as inexpensive price as possible saving money for a trip to the tobacconist. Little light then goes on over my aging head, check the coolers, for the price for the darn small contianer, might as well see what the larger sizes permits. BINGO!!! cooler on sale, $8.97, into the cart it goes. Pick up double sided velcro tape to attach the humidifying element and the hygrometer, small bowl for the florist foam. Out the door for $11.00. Now just have to get some PG and I am golden.

So far nothing out of the ordinary for many of the folks here, heck some of you have done it multiple times. No big deal. What was the most fun about this process was explaining it to my wife, it went a little like this:

Wife: Dave, we have a cooler down the basement, don't need another one.
Faust: This is for a coolerdor. (I thought if I used the technical term, she may just let it pass and not inquire further).
W: A what????
F: A coolerdor.
W: What is a coolerdor.
F: Explained concept in detail, using all the acquired knowledge gleaned over the past year from the board about the various types, experiences, construction, concerns, etc.
W: I just listened to you talk for 15 minutes and you could have just told me it was another humidor and that would have taken care of it.
F: It is not just a humidor, it is a COOLERDOR (<-- stated in deep voice with appropriate reverence attached)

She was not impressed. The coolerdor final cost not including PG around $11. The sound of the laughter of my wife the next day as she was explaining it all to one of her girlfriends on the phone....PRICELESS!! 8)
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