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Huge Quartersawn Oak Humidor Restoration Project

I've cleared some space in the workshop. Gifted some humidors to family, sold some. I was looking at a humidor today that I bought on ebay last year and before I knew it I had the lid off and disassembled. Looks like I'm starting a project! I'll post updates as I move along.
This is a huge and heavy high end humidor that probably dates to around 1900. I'm basing that date on the all metal liner. The fittings are all good quality brass. It's about 1/3 larger than the usual chest humidor from the era. It's the biggest one I've ever bought. The body is quartersawn oak. The lid top is inset into a frame instead of resting atop it. Kinda odd! The top looks fairly plain, but I think it has at least two coats of old varnish. Maybe once I strip it and can see the grain it will all make sense.
The lid seal is felt covered wood strips up top and copper covered wood below. It's an eye catching feature that I'm going to work hard to keep. The hard part will be putting new felt on the top pieces and getting them in place without messing it up. The bottom copper pieces are screwed in place so that will be easy.
The metal is corroded and bowed out of shape. It will likely go. I'm working on the lid first, so time will tell.

Here's the ebay pics that made me want to buy it.

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Tim, I Loved the smaller Quartersawn Oak Humi I got from you. That unit was so clean and I really liked the finish you put on it. This looks like another Beauty in the making.

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Beautiful piece
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After seeing some of your other work, I'm excited to see how this turns out!
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Love the older vintage items. An amateur myself, enjoy refurbishing finds from garage/estate sales. Look forward to seeing your progress. Best of luck.
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