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Old 02-06-2003, 11:44 AM   #1
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Billy Ocean or Eddie Grant

You favor a ride on the Caribbean Queen or a stroll down Electric Avenue? I had all of their records. And those videos were the bomb. They don't make 'em like this anymore.
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Peter Tosh, mon. Or Bunny Wailer. Or Bob.
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Bob Marley poet and a prophet
Bob Marley taught me how to off it
Bob Marley walkin' like he talk it
"Ah, if only I had brought a cigar with me! This would have established my identity."
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Old 02-06-2003, 12:57 PM   #4
The crow
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Forgot about those two. What did ever happen to them. Electric Avenue was a great song.
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Old 02-06-2003, 07:03 PM   #5
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electric ave was a fun song, cb queen i never really cared for
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Old 02-06-2003, 07:16 PM   #6
St. Alphonzo
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Both good songs but not my style.

Give me Steel Pulse, Black Uhuru or the Meditations, IRE MON!
Two degrees in be-bop, a PhD in swing, he's the master of rhythm, he's a rock and roll king...
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Billy Ocean's album had a lot of pretty good songs on them. I remember listening to the tape constantly back then.

Loved Electric Avenue, too, though. You know, it was really released a couple of years before it became popular. I remember it being previewed against another song and callers voted. Electric Avenue lost. A couple of years later, it's reintroduced and becomes a big hit.

Interesting how things work, isn't it?

Cognac and cigars... it's like finding the perfect woman. When you've got her, why go chasing after another? - Michael Nouri
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Old 02-11-2003, 10:46 AM   #8
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Guyana's own Eddie Grant had been around a long time before Electric Avenue. His "Livin' on the Front Line" is a Reggae classic.

Somebody mentioned Peter Tosh above. The true forgotten king of Reggae/Rock Steady. Pete wrote,played most of the instruments,and mixed down all the Wailers classics. Bob and Bunny would just show up at the studio to sing when Peter had things ready. It sickens me when I see the old Wailer albums being re-released as "Bob Marley and the Wailers." Bob was merely the frontman.
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