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Hello Aficionados

I am new to the whole cigar smoking thing. I have really only smoked a handful of cigars in my life and really enjoy it. Nothing like smoking a cigar and drinking some Hennessy V.S.O.P. or The Glenlivet Single Malt 12 year scotch. I am looking for a little advice on what are some good quality cigars that will not break my pocket book. I really enjoyed a R&J Churchill and a Macanudo. I tend to lean more towards the mild side so I can still take that occasional inhale into the lungs without my throat and stomach shrinking to the point where it feels like a walnut. Thank all of youthat give me any input at all.
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Welcome to the VERY BEST online forum! It's great to have you here. A few suggestions for you: Helix, Nat Sherman (almost all of their lines are mild), CAO GOLD, Rocky Patel Connecticut. All of those can be had for under $5/stick. (some even WELL under $5.) Although some people around here do it - I would strongly suggest you don't inhale if you want to be hanging out with us for a long time (just a thought - your decision).

Anyways - Welcome!

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WElcome to CW. Let me add La Vieja Habana Connecticut, Maroma natural, Flor de Oliva gold and natural. These are very inexpensive and are good smokes in my opinion. There are tons more but it's the chase that makes the whole adventure worthwhile. Enjoy and let your taste buds be your guide.
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Welcome to the board! I would reccomend the Fuente Short Story. It's a great smoke and at about $6.00 should not break the bank.

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Welcome to CW! I would suggest either a Rocky Patel Edge Lite ora 5 Vegas Gold. Both of these are a great mild stick.

Also, you might consider visiting the Trading post and signing up for the "CigarWeekly Newbie Sampler Trade Thread". There you'll be set up with a FOG and work out a deal for some great smokes to sample.
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Welcome to CW.
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Another vote for the Rocky Patel Connecticut line.
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