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Potential BAN in NOLA!

So I just heard that the committee on the city council has proposed bringing councilwoman cantrels smoking ban proposal to the floor for public debate.

Please PLEASE write, call the city council. You can find their email addresses here: http://www.nolacitycouncil.com/meet/meet.asp

Here is the text of my email:

Please excuse the length of this message - I wanted to communicate
with you in the most clear and concise manner possible

One of the great things about New Orleans' traditions is our firm
respect for diversity of lifestyle. Some people want to smoke. Others
do not. Some drink and party on Rue Bourbon, others do not. Some love
the crawfish, slathered in hot sauce, but I particularly do not. New
Orleans is about diversity of culture and experience. And adulthood is
about exploration, experimentation, discovering what you like, and
ultimately freedom to choose.

I understand why some people would like to ban smoking. But as a
(cigar) smoker, I feel that when I smoke in private, in a private
place of business which no one is compelled to patronize, the choice
of whether to smoke should be mine or that of the business owner, and
not that of government.

I respect each of you, and your choice to serve your community. I
also respect that you want to do what is in the best interest of your
community. Providing police to deter crime, and catch those who've
committed them - that's a valid action of government. Banning Smoking,
however, is - with all due respect - not. You can say this is a public
health concern, but it's not. A clean restaurant is a public health
concern. Smoking is a personal one.

The proposal itself is based on bad science. The EPA report that is
the root of all the 'second hand smoke' hysteria was invalidated by a
federal judge due to fraudulent methodologies. Since that report more
valid scientific data, including reports by OSHA and this
(article referrs to a study published in The Journal of the National
Cancer Institute), have concluded that there is NO significant
statistical risk from so called "second hand smoke".

Anti-Smoking laws are, at best, social engineering and at worst out
right tyrannical nanny-state rules based on false science. While
smokers are in the minority, is it not the rights of the minorities
that you're sworn to protect, not infringe? If you want additional
links and documentation on my statements here, please contact me and
I'll happily provide it.

As a frequent visitor to New Orleans (at least once a year for the
past 9 years! - Love those Pickled Green beans!), and a cigar smoker
as well, I ask that you respect business owners rights, and our right
to choose as adult citizens and vote No on the proposed smoking ban.

With highest regards,

John Stegenga
Woodstock, GA 30188
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