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Cigar Reviews This room is for organized blind reviews, individual reviews by CW Members and reviews entered into the database that the Editors feel are particularly well done.

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Fuente Chateau King B

Fuente Chateau King B
Filler: D.R. - Binder: D.R. - Wrapper: Ecuador

Wrapped in crisp, clear cello bearing the Chateau Fuente King B moniker, the cigar was a classic #2 sized torpedo. It came sporting a black ribbon over a corset-tight cedar sleeve cinched tightly at the foot. The dark wrapper was rimed in sparkly plume. The cigar felt heavy in the hand with a dense roll. Small veins graced the skin-tight cloak which wound artfully up the stick to the well-crafted point. The pre-light aroma was redolent of cedar, as expected, but also contained an earthy richness of peat and spice. Clipped deeply, the pre-light draw was perfect and tasted of clay and cardamom. A tingle on the lips and tongue foretold the strength of the blend.

A Simple wooden match, scratched to life, brought the cigar alive. The foot breathed billows of light colored smoke into the warm and humid evening air and the stick bore an initial flavor that offered muted tones of coniferous resin and sharp tannin. The draw quickly closed down a bit as the first large puffs drifted away on the torpid breeze. As the medium grey and slightly flaky ash built to an inch or so. A stately black seam ran, as on the back of old-fashioned silk stockings, down one side of the cigar's ash, and the flavor rapidly evolved to include the tart bite of citrus peel and a generous dash of Oriental spices. The same exotic spice, although not as pronounced, was showcased in the alluring aroma carried on the curling tendrils of smoke curling from the foot of the cigar.

The flakiness of the ash diminished at the 2" point, and a small notch led the chevron of grey and black in the ash as it marched up the aforementioned seam. On a quiet bench under a moderately overcast Cambridge sky. I enjoyed the flavor of the cigar transform itself again, this time into a rich, leathery offering full of smooth peat and carrying a slightly tingly and warm finish that lingered pleasingly.

Somewhat larger than is typical of my recent selections, this offering was satisfyingly complex, moderately strong, and reminded me, quite favorably. of the Sun Grown Cuban Belicoso. The dark, beautiful wrapper lent a delightful counterpoint to the spicy overtones. A pleasant way to spend 1 1/2 hours. Recommended.

Appearance - 10
Construction - 9
Flavor - 18
Finish - 9
Aroma - 10
Smoking Experience - 19
Overall impression - 18

Total: 93/100
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