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F*** Cbid.

Before I say anything...I want to say, that I fucked up. I forgot their BULLSHIT 21 years and older policy..which i'm not even sure why its there. Anyways...I posted on their forums, just wanting to get aquanted, not big deal. Well, i forgot bout the 21 year old rule and stated that I was 19. (dumb i know)....anyways, they fucking suspended my account.

Thats fucking bullshit if I have ever seen it...they have no problem accepting my $$ when the time comes. What upsets me even more is that I am above the legal age of buying tobacco. I dont understand why there are so many god damn rules about age limits in this country, when I could go fight in a war on the other side of the earth and die, but I cannot bid on cigars at cigarbid?!?!?!?!? How the fuck does that make sense.

What would you guys recommend....should I just make a new account with a user name and stick off the forums, or should I just forget about it b/c they'll likely match up my addresses?

PS: SORRY FOR THE LANGUAGE, but i'm mad b/c the Mod is using my thread to make fun of me now....


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