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Cigar Reviews This room is for organized blind reviews, individual reviews by CW Members and reviews entered into the database that the Editors feel are particularly well done.

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Gran Habano GR Specials Pyramid

Here we are again...

It's Review Time!

Today's subject: A Gran Habano GR Specials Red Pyramid, est 10 years old.

Mark: G R Specials Red from Gran Habano Cigars, Danli Honduras

Size: Pyramid 6 1/8 x 52

Price: $3.50 to $5.00 each or 20 for around $70.

Pairing: De Saronno and Pepsi

Pre Light and Cut: The wrapper has a tasty looking Colorado Red coloring and just a bit of tooth to it. The appearance is both attractive and uniform in coloration. It also enjoys uniformity and symmetry in the roll. It is fully solid with no pronounced lumps or soft spots. When held at an angle you can see that a light plume coats the smooth surface. The crispy cello is almost tinted orange. With my trusty Titanium finished Xicar cutter, I clip approximately 3/8ths off of the pointed head and check the draw. It is a bit tight yet, so I take just a bit more, roughly 1/2 inch total. Now, it's quite good. The aroma off of the wrapper is that of a woody spice. The foot yields the same, but in greater intensity.

The Light: After Blazing the foot I commence the start up procedure on the unit. It is a slow starter, but after a moments effort we are all set.

The Burn: There is just a touch of bitterness in the first few puffs. But that quickly dissipates, never to return. It settles into a nice rustic profile with a touch of grass and a pinch of pepper. By rustic I mean that it reminds me of an open campfire. There's an interesting angle, for me, to this cigar and review. This particular cigar was part of a bulk buy of everyday cigars from a CW Brother, awhile back. The bulk of them were average everyday smokes. Included were a pair of these. The "GR Specials" stands for George Rico specials. I knew that, but the connection I missed is that George is the son of Guillermo Rico of Gran Habano fame. Guillermo and George started Gran Habano Cigars in 1998, but their family has been in the cigar fields since the 1920's. I only realized the connection, when I went to the GH website. Why did I go there in the first place? Because they are a new Sponsor here at CW. So, I thought, hey why not review one and here we are. Well, this GR Special Red is well over 10 years of age. That's almost always good for a hand rolled cigar. The Specials come in two flavors Red and Black each in four sizes. Just check their website by clicking the banner ad for them at the top of the CW web page. But, back to the job at hand. After the first inch is reached the flavor has become more rich and a bit more spicy, but not over powering at all. At this point I slide the band off without incident. I remember these being a little rough around the edges when fresh, but this has none of that now. My pairing today is De Saronno and Pepsi in a short tumbler. A light and refreshing drink which seems to compliment this barely medium cigar. They list it as Medium, but I think the age has faded that back just a touch. It certainly is not mild, but it's not really regular medium either. Burn has been good, but now there is a slight wobble in the Red's burn. It's 75+ degrees with 25 MPH winds out here, so that may have a hand in it. The flavor is like a smokey mild salsa, if that makes sense. It reminds me of Poblano peppers charred on the grill. My mouth is watering, that's not something that happens a lot. It has a savory flavor and a cool burn.

The second and third inch are just as enjoyable. I did not know which way this review was gonna go, but color me pleased. The only issue appears to be the wobbly burn and it seems to be on for real now. I re clip the head and purge. This thing is a regular flame thrower. Plenty of oil left after all of these years. Now, it's drawing great and smoking right along. I am pleasantly surprised at this cigar. Let's face it we don't really expect much from a sub $5 dollar cigar, do we? How, many of us complain that there are not any decent smokes in that price range? (I know I do) I've had this stick and it's twin sitting in the bottom of my cooler for months without even thinking about it. Yes, the age helped it, but age can only do so much. Let's face it I've had horrible 10 year old cigars before, there are no guarantee's with cigars. This Red is smoking like a champ and punching above it's weight.

As I close in on the end, I am impressed. While not a hugely complex or potent cigar. It definitely has a way about it. It varies enough to keep your interest and just enough spice to keep the party going.

Today has a lot going for it. The weather here is above the average. I enjoy the great cotton ball clouds in a background of powder blue, assisting the Springtime sun in a day long game of Hide-N-Seek. I have said before that a cigar itself does not make or break a day. But, what it can do is make a poor day, bearable, a good day, a great day and a special day, Memorable. That's why I love quality hand rolled cigars.

So, please count me in for more GR Specials Red and the already high on my list, Gran Habano Corojo #5's.


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