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Cigar Reviews This room is for organized blind reviews, individual reviews by CW Members and reviews entered into the database that the Editors feel are particularly well done.

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Ringo's Quickie Reviews

La Aurora Preferidos #2 maduro - Beautiful oily wrapper and great, rich flavor. Very good. 91/100

Oliva Master Blends Series 1 robusto - The most flawless wrapper that I've ever seen was lived up to by the flawless construction and burn. On the mild side but in no way boring - it has a great flavor. Very, very good. 92/100

Diplomaticos #2 (Cuba) app. 2002- Monte #2's little brother? This one was better than any Monte #2 that I've ever had. Ever changing floral and citrus flavors and aromas made this one of the best cigars that I have ever had the pleasure of smoking. They don't get much better than this. 94/100

Montecristo #2 (Cuba) app. 2003 - A "good" Monte #2. I've been meaning to smoke one to compare to the Diplo #2. This one started out with a complexity from the first puff. Earthy chocolate, citrus, and perfumy flavors and aromas mingled nicely through most of the smoke. However, being stronger than the Diplo, the complexity went south before the nub. Still a great smoke. 92/100

Flor de Allones Dunhill (Cuba, 1950's pre embargo) - I had two sizes of these from a large Dunhill cab with three sizes of cigars. They seemed to be in good condition but the cigars were nothing special. Perhaps they were past it, or perhaps they don't live up to the legend. Not bad, but not worth selling your soul for. 86/100

Romeo y Julieta Edicion Limitada 2003 (Cuba) - Very nice. Strong but well tempered. A textbook example of the Cuban cigar art. 91/100

Tatuaje Torpedo - Very strong, as if I needed to say that. A tad one dimensional but not distractingly so. 89/100

Camacho Liberty 2005 - I've seen these get panned in reviews; now I don't know why. I really enjoyed this one. I'm not sure where the pre embargo tobacco came from or exactly how much is in each cigar, but it does have a nice peppery middle to it. 91/100

Por Larranaga panetela (Cuba) Tasty for such a small cigar. 87/100

Romeo y Julieta #3 En Cedro (Cuba) - Another tasty little smoke from the island. I smoked this one in the morning, which is not a regular occurrence for me. Went well with hot unsweetened tea. 89/100

Hoyo de Monterrey Double Corona (Cuba) app. 2000- On the weak side for this particular cigar. Burned perfectly but I've had better HdM DC's. 87/100

H. Upmann claro corona (Cuba, 1958, pre embargo) - I obtained five, straight from a sealed box that came from a Canadian walk-in where it had been since 1958. North American market cigars. Very harsh and bitter. Interesting to own and smoke one, but that's it. 80/100

Perdomo Edicion de Silvio Torpedo - Some have noted that this cigar is closer to a great Cuban than any domestic yet, and I have to agree. It produced the subtle nuances in flavor changes that the best of the Cubans do and delivered tons of thick, sweet smoke. Minor burn issues, but it -is- a Perdomo... 92/100

Te Amo robusto maduro 2002 - The ultimate "like them or don't" cigar. I like them. A nice earthy flavor and an absolutely perfect burn and draw. All for two bucks (or less). 88/100

Bolivar panetela (Cuba) - Incredibly tasty for such a small cigar. I need to keep some of these around. Probably the best panetela out there. 91/100

Magus robusto maduro - A nice looking cigar. Starts out strong and gets a bit stronger towards the end. Somewhat one-dimensional (it has a nice flavor but does not change much) but the last 1/3 or so turns into a smoky feast. 89/100

Vegas Robaina Don Alejandro (Cuba) - I have not had a VR for quite a while and forgot how good they are. IMO they are in the top echelon of Cuban cigars. I am not sure of the age of this one (at least a year old) but it smoked beautifully. This cigar is all about rich, caramel-type flavor that lasts and lasts and tons of sweet smoke. One of the world's finest cigars. 93/100

Quai D' Orsay Imperiale (Cuba) app. 2001 - The forgotten Cubans, they are made primarily for the French market and are milder than most from the island. Still, this is a satisfying cigar that really comes alive in the last 1/3. I like it. 90/100

Saint Luis Rey doble corona (Cuba) - Velvety but veiny and toothy wrapper. Difficult draw and burn issues. The nice flavor saved this one, but I had to work for it. Lost several points for smokeability flaws. 86/100
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