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Blind Reviewers needed - UPDATE PLEASE READ

No, you don't have to be blind, I mean we need some folks to participate in some blind reviews.
A new automated review system has been created and so now it's easier than ever to do the reviews. I'm getting some cigars from different places. If you'd like to participate in a blind review, please post here and I will start a list according to the order in which you post. I only ask that you are prompt in your reviews and that you follow the directions precisely. Those directions will be coming to you via PM.

The list will start tonight, but I can't guarantee anything. First come, first serve. For the first couple of batches, we'll probably need around 10 people.

Here is the list of peole thus far. Don't worry, if you don't get in on this batch, there seems to be several more on the way. I'll just go straight down the list.

*EDIT* - UPDATE - Due to some cash flow issues, potential reviewers will need to pick up their share of shipping costs. $4.55 which includes DC. If this is a problem, please let me know and I'll see what I can do. Otherwise please understand that at this time, neither the board nor I can afford to cover $4 for every package that goes out...

1. [s:89d47cb3a0]peterg[/s:89d47cb3a0] - Received!
2. [s:89d47cb3a0]SmokinAFuente[/s:89d47cb3a0] - Received
3. [s:89d47cb3a0]Briandg[/s:89d47cb3a0] - Received!
4. [s:89d47cb3a0]Mustard[/s:89d47cb3a0] - Received!
5. [s:89d47cb3a0]ŽShadow[/s:89d47cb3a0] - Received!
6. [s:89d47cb3a0]Augie754[/s:89d47cb3a0] - Received!
7. [s:89d47cb3a0]Lang Daddy[/s:89d47cb3a0] - Received!
8. ichthus
9. pnutbutrsangwich
10. maierar
11. JulietasRome0
12. ServiceRifle
13. Stevo
14. fishlicker
15. jitzy
16. H311oLHD
17. N99
18. 1RedDawg
19. herfinherb
20. mealstrom
21. MilesDavis
22. Oracle
23. seanohue
24. shund
25. Zer000
26. superbob76
27. ulster
28. gregsky
29. gui_tarzan
30. Arlo
31. norm
32. radar
33. mojoe
34. johnleeiii
35. Augie754
36. eagle eyes eric

Ok, the list is closed for now...when it opens up again, I'll start with whoever is number 26. Oh, you can sign up again if you'd like.

Fine, twist my arm, I'll smoke a cigar.
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