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Muwat Kentucky Fire Cured Swamp Thang robusto

My history with the Kentucky fire cured cigars is chequered, as in I loved the first few I had, then I had one I did not like and since it was the last one I had I did not buy any more of them. However I love candelas, so I recently bought a candela sampler from SBC and one of the cigars was this Swamp Thang and yesterday said "what the heck" and had one after my dinner of a really nice aged cheddar and broccoli soup.

The Colorado weather was wonderful, sunny and 72 degrees, perfect for a smoke. My read was St. Peter's Fair, a Cadfael mystery by Ellis Peters. I almost always read while I smoke. The beverage I picked was a key lime soda, I figured that they are both green by nature anyway.

In actuality the Swamp Thang is not 100% green. The near-flawless candela wrapper covers about 80% of it, and the remaining 20% (the foot end) is a nice, oily and inviting maduro/oscuro. This beautiful Swamp Thang begged me to smoke it. It was one of the prettiest cigars I have seen in quite a while.

The cigar cut easily with my less than reliable generic cutter and revealed a nice draw, maybe a tad tight but certainly sufficient. The pre-light flavors were mostly sweet cut grass and, of course, smoke; but not as smoky as I thought it would be and not as smoky as the regular KFC, although this was to be expected with the candela wrapper.

So far, so good. It lit easily with my even less reliable torch lighter (I really need a new lighter.) However once the ring was lit I was called away for no more than two minutes, probably less, and when I returned the cigar was out. No worries though, it was just the initial ring so it did not cause any adverse effects.

First draw was mellow and flavorful with the initial grass flavor getting stronger as the smoke cruised through the first 1/3 and remained that way for a bit, giving way to more of a fresh cut grass flavor and aroma, plus a bit of smoke from the fire curing. The overall flavor was "green," just how I like a candela to be.

Starting in on the second third the flavors remained green while the smoke made its proper entrance, again not nearly as smoky as the standard KFC; it tasted as if it was tempered by the green, which made a lovely combination as the two flavors mingled and fought for attention. It was at this point that I started to notice the thin smoke - yes the draw was a tad tight but I was having problems getting much smoke and it was not due to the draw. I had to start working for it as the second third evolved, which was a shame because the cigar tasted so good. The bottom line, though, remained that the smoke was thin and nothing I could do would change it. If I gave a good hard draw couple of draws I could "store" the smoke in my mouth and get a really nice pair of flavors going, and the exhale on the back of the palate was wonderful when I did so. But I wished I did not have to work for it.

As I started in on the final third I got close to where the candela wrapper ended. I wanted to say that the transition from the candela to the dark maduro was flawless because it started out that way, but unfortunately it developed about a 1/4" run, although it was easily remedied and did not return. As expected the smoke became thicker as I reached the 1" left mark, but I would still not call this a thick smoking cigar by any means. It was too bad that it finally opened up a bit after the candela wrapper was gone, as I would have liked to get that perfect marriage of flavors with a thicker smoke, although I would not call even that last 1" thick.

Overall I did like the cigar, at least its flavors, which were quite nice. Would I recommend this cigar? Yes, I would, with the caveat that mine did not perform as well as I would have hoped but it had the potential to be a great cigar. Hopefully mine was just the lone wolf in the pack. And I am certainly going to try at least one more because I liked what I could get out of it.

As it stands the Swamp Thang robusto gets an 87/100 with the possibility of the next one entering the 90's.
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