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Cigar Reviews This room is for organized blind reviews, individual reviews by CW Members and reviews entered into the database that the Editors feel are particularly well done.

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Illusione #1 Father's Day 2018

I wanted to have a special smoke for Father's Day. I decided to have the longest cigar I have. The Illusione #1 might be the longest cigar I've ever smoked! It measured in at a mind boggling 9 x 48.
It had a dark broad leaf, slightly rough looking wrapper. The foot had been dinged a little. No surprise there as it was probably knocked around a bit because of it's length. The bunch was firm at the foot getting a bit springier toward the cap. The pic makes it look like a lonsdale. But it was obviously much bigger in every way.

The foot yielded a slight earthy aroma. I clipped the cap and checked the draw. You'd think the draw might be tight in a cigar this long, but it was very open.
I lit it with a match and puffed away. At the start I felt this was a medium bodied cigar. There was lots of pleasant tasting smoke. Right off the bat I could detect essence of cocoa with a slight taste of cedar. It was nice. The burn was even and the ash was gray and black and firm. Knocking off the ash revealed a weak cone that was pretty well centered.
My feeling is that this cigar is made with really high quality tobacco making it complex and flavorful.
At about the halfway point I felt the smoke was getting really creamy. And there was lots of it. I smacked my lips and concentrated on the flavors collecting on my palate. Is that hot chocolate? Could be!
After the halfway point the bunch was softer and the burning end required several touch ups. It seems like the softer the bunch, the more the cigar will burn sideways or into the wrapper. But I didn't mind because the flavors as well as the strength intensified. I was now well into full bodied territory.
After an hour and a half of smoking I was down to about an inch and a half. The cigar was getting spongy and hot so I called it quits.
As I rose to go into the house I felt a jittery tremor in my hands. Yep, plenty of nicotine in this all day sucker!
I couldn't find any info on this cigar. It's probably an older version. That's no surprise really, it's not the kind of smoke one would go to often. All I can tell you is that this one was exceptional. I rate it a 5 of 5. If I could find another I'd be thrilled to smoke it!
First: So that a cigar, burn even, circularly, it needs that the tobacconist made it professionally well.

Second: That the cigar have the temperature and humidity necessary, and

Third: _________________________________? ......... (The first person that tells it to me, I will send him free, two René's cigars .

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