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Zino Classic vs Mouton-Cadet

So a while ago I was informed by a vendor that the Mouton-Cadet line from Zino would disappear and make place for the Classic line. Apparently the rights on the MC name expired. Old news, no big deal. As long as I could still smoke some of my favourite Honduran sticks, what difference does the name make?
Just got myself a no. 4. A real MC, that is. Not yet the Classic line. So, out of interest, I'm browsing around a bit online for info about the Classics. To my shock and horror, I'm noticing the words "Dominican" and "republic". Right after each other, no less.
Apparently these things got a new blend. Let me paint you a picture here for a moment: I don't hate DC cigars. How could I when they make Arturo Fuente, Private Stock and Avo XO? But I'm wary of them. Most are too soft for my tastes. Honduras, on the other hand? Right up my alley (figure of speech, people). Variety, a very personal nutty flavour I adore, more reliable construction than Cubans.
Now these cigars apparently still have a Honduran filler and binder, but are now produced in the Dominican Republic. As far as my knowledge goes, they weren't in the MC years.

So tell me... has anyone here who's well familiar with the MC line tried these new Classics, and are they still mostly the same in terms of flavour? Or must I track down a certain Henke Kelner and club him to death with a Villa Zamorano Churchill that has been out of a humidor for 6 months?
If they're the same, or still largely the same but even better, I'll send him a mail of thanks. But I swear to God if he ruined the very brand that was the first thing I ever smoked the meeting with the Churchill will be swift and painful.

EDIT: Also, 200th post. Whoo. I've been here for over two years? Really? There's places where I've probably made 200 posts in one week. Once I'm no longer a student the cigar smoking should pick up a bit.
"I drink, I smoke one cigar after the other and I sleep very little. That's why I'm always 200% in shape."
-Winston Churchill
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