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wooo boy....this thread is getting kinda gnar

I'm just a yoot
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I have never had beetles. And I don't want to have them.


I bought a tower humi. I don't have many cigars by some standards, but imo I have enough to be concerned about on the transition. I'm going to follow the advice before I put ANY boxes in that new humi. It would be stupid for me not to do this based on the information presented.
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Tommy boy
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Originally Posted by casual
I was reading my copy of the Idiots Guide to Cigars and the writer says that they put cigars in a vacuum to destroy the eggs. This sounds much better than freezing.
This process will crush the cigars. They will pop again when they see atmosphere. But, there can always be damage
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Great info in this thread
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As a rule I have always frozen whole boxes of cigars I bought though I usually didn't freeze singles. The boxes spent around two days in the fridge before being put away for at least a week in the freezer and have never faced any beetle issues from these boxes even though the temperatures in my humis are regularly around 80F or 90F.

With that said I did have a beetle problem once caused by a single I had bought and now freeze any singles I buy as well, the process may see cumbersome and ridiculous but most of us have plenty of stock on hand to keep us occupied while the cigars rest in the freezer.
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Sounds like some good info here.
I guess since my household fridge gets down to -14f shouldn't take much of a time commitment, so I think I'll start freezing everything.
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I just had my first experience with Beetles!

A month or so ago I picked up a number of cigars from various sources. Around the same time We had some abnormally hot weather. I opened the cooler and saw a perfect round hole on a new smoke in the singles tray......AAAAHHHHHHHHH!

I had heard of freezing before, but had not read the opening post of this thread. So, I grabbed a bunch of baggies and cleaned out the cooler and placed the smokes in Our upright freezer that runs about 15 degrees F. Then washed and cleaned all boxes and surfaces. I washed the cooler with bleach and allowed to air dry and left it open.

3 days later I opened a desk top and again saw a bugged stick. xx

At this point I correlated the two sticks and ID'ed the same source for both sticks. Then I realised that all of my coolers and desktops could have been compromised. Only one Humi was certain to be safe. So I tagged and bagged Everything else and loaded up the freezer. We had picked up the freezer this Spring and it just paid for it's self right there!

I relayed to the source my discovery and advised Them to do what I did. I declined any replacement as I had discovered the happening quickly and only lost a few smokes.

After over two weeks at 15 degrees, I removed them in stages and placed them still sealed in the baggies into the coolers for two days. Then opened them and redistributed them to the appropriate locations. Over the span of a week, I returned all cigars to Coolers and Humi's. I failed to double bag or buffer in the refrigerator, but I was lucky and lost none to damage.


Now, I simply Freeze Everything!

Further, I moved All Coolers and Humi's into the one room in the house that has A/C service, The bedroom. It is not pretty, but no reason to tempt fate any further.
When it gets cooler here, I'll move the Coolers back out to the storage room, til spring. I see a Wine cooler in the future, too.

To be honest, I remember rolling my eyes when I first heard about freezing cigars................No More!



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Wonder if exposing them to a CO2 environment would be sufficient to kill the eggs... I have Dry Ice (Solid CO2) and Liquid N2 readily available in my lab. Thinking about dropping some CO2 into a litter box with the box of RP vintages and seeing if that will kill them.. unfortunately i don't have the means to test for eggs afterward...
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Mad Dawg
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I would trust neither CO2 nor vacuum to kill the eggs.
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I know, I know, this is an old thread.

I just found it after doing research from the thread I posted a few days ago. Also, I was tagged on twitter about my post, so I felt that if we were going to discuss more or get retailers/manufactures involved, we could bring some of the science back to light.

Was the conflicting info that Krakatoa provided ever vetted?

Originally Posted by windsorlacorona View Post
Simply providing the name of another individual who supposedly has information about the activities of a separate third party is not the most reliable form of information, nor is it really contributing anything to the discussion. I'd be interested in seeing any published source that verifies Habanos SA is in fact freezing their cigars before export. I do not point this out to be adversarial, I am just as interested in getting accurate information as anyone else. But any new information that is brought to light that is lacking a published source must be regarded as rumor and hearsay. That does not automatically mean such information is incorrect. However, until additional evidence to support it is brought forward it will remain nothing more than speculation.
One other question about what Claudius wrote when asked to provide a source, he gave the name Francisco Vallejo. Not trying to be combative, but does a paper need to be published by a person before it'll be taken as the gospel? It seems to me, if I heard it from the horses mouth, that'd be good enough for me.
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Beetles, Cigar Beetles, Lacioderma beetles, Tobacco beetles
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