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Cigar Reviews This room is for organized blind reviews, individual reviews by CW Members and reviews entered into the database that the Editors feel are particularly well done.

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Another Mystery Maduro Cigar review!!

I gave this to a friend to try! Here is what he had to say.

Mystery Maduro Mystery Review

Well. Let me start by saying that you guys are going to win a lot of awards for this one. I am amazed and cannot get the smile off my face. If I was going to write a formal review it would be called: "Not for the Faint of Heart...or is it?

This is a true connoisseur's gourmet cigar.

To begin with, the cigar is dark and oily and heavy in appearance with a beautiful pressing. Experience with other Maduros which may appear similar or be of similar make-up cannot prepare you for this experience. I was expecting a lot of bite, and an overwhelming flavor, possibly with some bitterness...such as you might find in most of the famous maduros like the Padron or the Ashton...I could not have been more wrong. The lighting itself was an experience. Your Cigar has a very light and smooth draw, not requiring a lot of undue puffing and sucking. This draw made the lighting extremely quick and easy, with a perfect burn to follow. This is right up my alley...I was happy right off the bat. First there was the unlit aroma of dark woods and spice with hints of chocolate, then a smooth quick light with a burst of pepper. We were off to a great start.

The first inch. The Maduro I have dreamed of...the first inch was full of punch. It burned warm, not hot, a feeling that relaxed me and made me feel at home. Most cigars burn either hot or cold, usually dramatically, and that is not always bad...but this was warmth, like a comfy chair or a summer afternoon. The smoke rolled heavy and rich, letting you know this was not a cigar for the amateur. The flavor of the first inch was pure spice, where there might be a hint in many smokes...this was a full blown Indian Curry Dinner. I was happy in this intense complexity, and had the cigar stayed the same...I would have enjoyed it greatly...but you guys have some tricks up your sleeve.

The second inch. Amazingly, the spice faded and the smoke mellowed out. It was like I had lit another cigar. An herbal woodiness creeped in with touches of vanilla and cafe au lait. I was amazed as the cigar became truly mellow and light. The burn was perfect, and the smoke itself had lightened. All the way to half, the cigar was mild and delicious. I sat there thinking..."how is this even possible?" "You guys are freaking me out." As someone who enjoys mellow smoke with flavor I could not have been happier.

It was during this second inch that I tested the cigar in two ways. First of all, I walked away for several minutes twice. The cigar stayed lit perfectly, as if awaiting my eager return. Finally, I wanted to test the lit aroma. As a person dealing with many types of customers I always check how a cigar might smell to others. As you well know, maduros are legendary for their heavy pastoral smell, usually quite acrid. They often inspire the most negative comments from non-smokers. Not so with the "Mystery Maduro". Faint smells of coffee and light tobacco, a hint of herbs...most importantly, a pleasurable smell such as a lighter well-done cigar might create. A beautiful aroma that offended no one. I was truly impressed.

The third inch. As I approached the band, happy in my mellow flavorful smoke, another change began. The spices return, but more savory, with hints of cinnamon and clove. The flavor became even more complex and I was again baffled at yet a third cigar profile. I can only speak for myself, but I have never encountered a cigar, even among the infamous top ten, with this kind of complexity and depth of flavor. I just kept smoking, a puzzled look on my face (along with a silly grin).

About a half inch above the band fruits began to emerge, mainly cherry and blackberry. They went well with the vanilla and herbs, and right before the band there was a touch of bite grabbing my tongue. The smoke had become heavy and dark again, and I felt like a true cigar aficionado.

Under the band. Still smoking, and still no hint of acid, flavors filled with Caramel and Coffee. Still balanced and still with a little bite, but that woodiness and caramel tasted great. I sat back, just to relax and finish the smoke. Amazing. It was of course getting a little hotter, and a bit more bitey...but I was almost to the nub. I have never been able to smoke a maduro or any dark and rich cigar this far...the build up is just too intense and by this time the acid and bite have overwhelmed any flavor. Not yours.

The final inch. That's right. I smoked your Mystery Maduro until my fingers burned. The last inch was pure tobacco flavor, a richness that was dark and straight. It was not as complex as the previous inches, but it was a simple pure pleasure. Straight rich dark aged tobacco leaf. Very pure, and even that far down it was not harsh. Finally, completely satisfied, I was done. Is my mouth overwhelmed with an acrid aftertaste? Not at all...tobacco and vanilla with a touch of caramel. It lasted an hour, but it was mild and it helped me remember the great pleasure I had just had.

A true gourmet experience....a gastronomic cigar.

I cannot thank you enough. You are going to be the talk of the town when this baby comes out.

I just hope everyone smokes it enough to figure it all out. It is a big bad boy...complex and wonderful. One to savor and languish over.

It has now been two hours and I can't wait to get another chance to enjoy this one (I was a bad boy....I didn't let my friend in on the secret yet so I could have both of them....am I too selfish?) Well, he'll know soon enough.

Thanks again.

It was my pleasure to be sure.

Mystery Maduro Man


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