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Question on cabinet humidor

Here are the facts---I've had a Vigilant Guardian 1500 cabinet humidor for about 7 years now, and for whatever reason, i finally decided to test the humidity levels in various parts with hygrometers. The cabinet has one remote sensor, located about 2/3rds of the way towards the top. Also, the cabinet has no fans, (other than the fans at the bottom that blow humidifed air from the water container). The humidor has a digital set-point system, currently set to 66%, and reading 70%. Humidity seems to be high in the cabinet, notwithstanding that the cabinet is located in a room with 55% RH (this could be b/c i've added approx 15 boxes of new cigars in the last month). Testing with two new Diamond Crown hygrometers, the RH in the cabinet is all over the place!! As high as 79% in some areas, and as low as 61% in some areas. The cabinet is PACKED with boxes, almost no space at all for air to circulate. Thoughts? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks. Eric
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IMHO you need to install some type of circulating fan. There is a thread about that elsewhere in CW forums.
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Originally Posted by Viper139
IMHO you need to install some type of circulating fan. .
When I had my Avallo 2000 built - I ordered 8 circulating fans so I wouldn't have to deal with the situation you're describing. I keep my humi set at 64% and it is packed pretty much to capacity.... I check the humidity at several points throughout the units woth a Csonka Hygrometer that records what happened in a 24 hour period ----- I am very pleased with all my readings -- no matter where in the unit I test --- it is within a percentage point or so of the digitally set target.

I strongly beieve that adding the proper circulating fans to your humi will control the problem. Good Luck.
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Air Circulation and Even RH

I believe air must be able to flow without restriction inside a humidor. They should be a 'path' that will allow and encourage the flow of air so as to balance the RH evenely with the Humidor. Blocking 'designed in' air flow by the cabinet maker is self defeating [IMO]

My Humidors have a seperate control [timer/relay] for the recirculation fans. I do NOT merely add fans to the circuitry of the Humidifier. My design allows for infinite 'off & on' cycling of recirculation fans with 'off & on' intervals [duration] adjustable with two knobs.

In my opinion, merely having more fans that go on when the humidity sensor reads lower than the 'set point' will only accelerate how quickly the immediate area surrounding the sensor will achieve the desired 'set point'.

Adding fans on their own independant timer/control WITH properly designed air pathways is the way to make things work best in my experience. I can set as many as 6 radio remote sensors [Extech's] inside my cabinets and find the RH even thoughout.
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