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I have gotten several emails from CW members concering a post I did on CF. Rather than to repeat the information via email I will just copy the post here. The post addresses my thoughts on silica gel products and how they differ.....
-Climmax is the most expensive silica gel based product. Best price I have seen is $24/ pound. I hear the product performs as stated, but is expensive when compared to plain silica gel (KLH) which I feel performs as well when conditioned. It comes preconditioned at 65 or 70%.

-Arten Gel is the exact same product as Climmax (my opinion...but you read the desc. below) but is available at any humidity point for $15/ pound or unconditioned at $10/ pound. The description of the product is-


Silica gel acts as a buffer inside a sealed environment to offset unacceptable conditions of relative humidity outside the sealed environment. ARTEN Silica gel is preconditioned to whatever percentage of relative humidity is required and will maintain that level over time. When the exterior environment is at a higher humidity than the gel, the gel absorbs excess moisture in the air inside the sealed environment to maintain a stable level of relative humidity. When the exterior environment is at a lower humidity than the gel, the gel releases moisture into the air inside the sealed environment to maintain a stable level of relative humidity. ARTEN Silica Gel has been formulated to perform most effectively at mid-range humidity (40 to 55%) giving 2 to 3 times as much buffering as regular density silica gels. The optimum quantity of silica gel for any application has been found to be one pound of gel per three cubic feet of space. Arten Silica Gel is available in loose form, either conditioned to a custom relative humidity or dry (15 to 20% relative humidity). It is shipped in moisture tight bags or buckets to maintain its specific relative humidity.

Arten Silica Gel (Dry) Item #4150............................................. .....$10.00/lb

Arten Silica Gel (Custom % Relative Humidity) Item #4170............................................. .....$15.00/lb

The web address is http://www.apsnyc.com/index.html

-KLH is pure silica gel (Crystal Kitty Litter) costs about $2 per pound and works as well as the above items when conditioned...IMHO

-Kitty Litter=KLH

-Flower Drying beads-pure silica gel...way over priced

I like KLH...it works great for me and it is cheap. You pick what you think is best for you
KLH Industries "Humidification for the Masses"
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