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Cigar Reviews This room is for organized blind reviews, individual reviews by CW Members and reviews entered into the database that the Editors feel are particularly well done.

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mike s
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Bobalu Cigars Fresh Rolled TORO

Nice day here in Central Texas so I decided to smoke one of these Fresh Rolled that I just picked up from Bobalu….a local Austin cigar manufacturer. I smoked one yesterday as well rott.

If you dont want to read the rest of the review, the bottom line is you need to try these. Worth $3.99 all day long.

Here’s Bobalu’s description from their website.

These treasures are our best cigars rolled by the best Cuban rollers in our Austin, Tx cigar factory.

These beautiful toros are rolled by our most experienced rollers. We use only finest aged Dominican filler, a beautiful Sumatran wrapper and finished to perfection. All tobacco used is aged for a minimum of 2-3 years. This unique and extremely mild taste is reminiscent of the cigars bought home to smoke by the maestro torcedors of old Havana.

Wrapper: Sumatran

Filler: Dominican

Binder: Ecuadorian

Heres mine.

Nice bunch at the foot with some channels showing on all 10 cigars I received. The smell when opening the package was instant tobacco with that barnyard smell as well…zero ammonia. The wrapper was nice and smooth and had a sheen in the sun. Nice wrappershade as well that was consistent across all samples even though these weren’t a bundle or in a box, just singles. Easy cut on the head of the triple capped cigar with the Palio led to an ample draw, almost a little to much air but I would prefer that to a tent peg. The weight to size is a little light. Overall construction could only be described as impeccable, with no hard or soft spots.

1st 1/3 of the cigar was a dry woody flavor that was really enjoying and coated the mouth. I could easily retrohale this and pick up even more small flavor nuances like a little vanilla. Burn was consistent even with the breeze blowing. Even the smoke coming off of the cigar you wanted to waft tward your nose to enjoy between draws. Bobalu says this is a mild cigar I’d say lower end medium and sure tasty.

2nd 1/3 of the cigar had the same flavors as the first quarter but they were amplified and instead of the vanilla on the retrohale there was a bit more of a sweet cedar flavor . Burn’s still even on the wrapper but had to relight the core. The smell coming off the foot of this cigar would make a non cigar smoker want to take up our great hobby.

Last 1/3 of this cigar continued putting out large amounts of flavorful cool smoke. No harshness at all with a loose-ish draw. Taste had some more strength behind it but not overwhelming. It’s hard to describe really….just covered my taste buds with cedar. The retrohale is a little spicer as expected with less material for the smoke to go through in the shorter cigar now. I did have to relight after an ash. If there was one thing I would change or want to be different in this cigar is the amount of filler. I think the extra weight in leaf would make that loose draw go away annnd lead to a better burn with the core burning slightly slower than the wrapper. I truly thing this is what lead to the two relights (which was not detrimental to the flavor of this cigar at all)

I know the Jeff, the owner and founder of Bobalu is a CW member. Maybe he will hook CW members up with a small discount code for the rest of the month because the only thing better than a $3.99 cigar is a $2.99 cent cigar. Shipping is a flat 9.00 fee I believe. There is also an option to order online and pick up, which is the route I will go next time as these shipped all the way to the Dallas sorting center only to get sent back down to Austin, and eventually Round Rock where I am. Both Jeff and myself thought that was crazy, and besides I don’t have to be a lazy arse and drive the 20 minutes or so to the shop lol. Thanks for reading this far.
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