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View Poll Results: How long do you wait to smoke newly recieved cigars?
Immediately 5 33.33%
1 week 4 26.67%
1 month 3 20.00%
3 months 0 0%
6 months 1 6.67%
1 year 0 0%
Else-please explain 2 13.33%
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Old 10-15-2022, 06:13 AM   #11
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Originally Posted by Husker View Post
1 to 5 minutes
Lol, I've been known to do this too.

I'm like a little kid at Christmas whenever a package of cigars arrives.

As soon as its opened, everything is inventoried in my app and put in its particular tupperdor, its hard to resist smoking one immediately, especially if it one that's new to me and I see posted often and with favorable comments.

I friggin love cigars
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A good question and a topic that will generate a lot of opinions for sure..
And everyone has a good reason for their answer.
I answered "else" -so I'm pleased to explain.

I will often try one right out of the box. Usually because I've bought a selection of fivers and I want to try one of the new ones / something I've not smoked in a while but decided to buy. But 'right off the truck' for me usually means 'within a couple of days'. It will go into my drybox/portable herfador, and when I've the time it will get burned to ashes. The other cigars, weeeeeeelll... with new purchases I'm not afraid to leave them out of the humidor for a few days (or weeks, in the summer when the humidity is insane!). Then I find the time to play humidor tetris in my big chest coolers.... So, that's my story, and I'm stickin to it
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Thanks for the detailed answer.

I'm pretty anal about getting my cigars into a tupperdor asap, but the average humidity in my room is like 32%. That said, i know it honestly wouldn't hurt them to sit out for a couple weeks. I recall once reading that the rule of thumb was gaining or losing roughly 2% rh about every 2 weeks.

No idea if that's true or not, as i have never seen it mentioned anywhere but the post i read it in.

I also understand about tupperdor tetris starting just recently. Both my 74qt tupperdors are completely filled now, so i had to use 2, roughly 80ct tupperdors for overflow, and my genius ass will be ordering 2 more bundles in a couple weeks, so they will have to go in overflow too.

I friggin love cigars
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Old 10-16-2022, 07:18 AM   #14
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I will wait a week and then try one. If it's not harsh or I just feel the cigar is good to go I will put them in my rotation. If it's not ready I will let them rest for a few months and try again.
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Old 10-18-2022, 10:12 AM   #15
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Just depends on the size. I'll try to wait at least a couple of weeks for them to stabilize. ROTT can be okay, but then it's a couple of weeks.
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