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Hello Everybody!

Iíve been lurking on this board for about a month now. Decided itís finally time to say hello. Iíve been smoking cigars for about 7 years, but it would take several more years of experience to gain the knowledge Iíve gleaned from CW over the last month. Wow, what a great bunch of contributors here. I really appreciate your enthusiasm...and itís rubbing off on me. In the last week Iíve made my ďfirstĒ coolidor, and purchased my first box of cigars. I used to only buy singles. Thank God I do the finances at my house too, because itís not easy justifying the expense of this hobby to my wife.

But, Iím not letting my new cigars and new coolidor go to my head. This past Sunday, I was reminded of what itís like to be a newbie. I took my big Labrador retriever ďRyderĒ to the park to run around while I smoked an ERDM Robusto in the warm sunshine. After about 20 minutes or so, I went back to my truck to get a book and something to drink. Ryder was on his leash, which was wrapped around my wrist while I held the cigar in the same hand. Unfortunately, as I grabbed the book and drink with my other hand, Ryder started to take off towards some kids playing nearby. While being spun around, I tried to put the cigar in my mouth so that I wouldnít drop everything. To my surprise, I took a huge bite out of the wrong end. Fortunately, the ash was long and cool, so I experienced no pain...just unbelievable shock.

Anyway, I look forward to contributing some reviews in due course. But donít be surprised if you read things like ď...long, white ash...a bit salty, but goes down smooth with a swig of Newcastle...Ē


"I can't wait to age these cigars!"
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