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Cigar Reviews This room is for organized blind reviews, individual reviews by CW Members and reviews entered into the database that the Editors feel are particularly well done.

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After reading the thread about which BBS's people here read (and not seeing a abundance of regular JR readers), I decided to post my bad frog review I posted at JR's here.

Cigar: Bad Frog Unknown Vitola
Grade: D+


In a effort to make space in the overfilled-a-dor my new years resolution was to NOT order any more cigars until I finish off my box of dead-boom brands. This box is filled with some very interesting sticks… one of which I review here today: The BAD FROG.

I do not know of history of this particular brand. I do know that it is the first I have ever smoked a cigar featuring an amphibian, or basically any reptillian type animal in the brand. This is also the first cigar I have smoked featuring a picture of an amphibian giving the one finger New York salute. Most other brands I smoke feature old or dead guys, or half naked women. This made for an interesting evening indeed. I should have heeded the bad omen, when Stinky Pete let out a cacophonous flatulent noise as I picked the Bad Frog from its cedar box.

The Bad frog’s appearance is easily summarized by one word: Fugly. When I first removed the cello from the torp toad I thought that the cigar was precut. Closer inspection revealed that the construction of this particular unknown vitola looks as if someone had used this cigar to prop up the hood of a mid 80’s Camero, flattening the top as if the cigar was Gomer Pyle himself. Slightly doglegged to the right, the cigar gives an impression of a careful butt pressing/ breast pressing/ foot pressing. Obviously the roller of this fine handcrafter cigar paid careful attention to anything and everything other then rolling this cigar. The wrapper contained enough veins to pass as my grandmother’s stump leg. I noticed hints of charred animal flesh and pine straw as I sniffed this finely aged cigar.

To go with the bad frog I chose an appropriate drink. Instead of finishing off a bottle of Fonseca 94 LBV I decided to finish off a six-pack of Miller High Life someone had left in my fridge over new years (it is the Champagne of beers according to the marketing literature wrapped cleanly around the bottle). Pre-light draw was exceptionally easy as well. Toasting the foot revealed a lovely aroma that brought back memories of the past, when as a prepubescent young man my friends and I would sneak off into the woods to roll “cigarettes” made from notebook paper and finely crush leaves from a maple tree.

The first few puffs reminded me of finely aged Cuban Yak hair. A hint of spice and sweetness only the hair of a nasty hoofed animal could give. After each puff I was greeted with huge billowing clouds of smoke. The burn on this cigar gave me one of the most acute angles I have ever seen a cigar ash make. Half way down the cigar and it began to look like a rubber doorstop.

The taste of yak hair was replaced with the taste of a Grey Earl Tee as the cigar came closer to its band. If I were bold enough to make comparisons, I would say that it was a blend of a Jose Marti Chico with a bit of Burmese Cheroot and Tabantillas thrown in for added flavor.

I can honestly say I enjoyed the half hour I smoked the Bad Frog. There was a syndicated episode of Spin City on that I had not seen, an episode where Mike and Heidi Klum go on a date. Very funny stuff!

-Jin “I Hate Amphibians” E
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