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In many respects it's similar to building a wine room. I'd encourage you to use a vented wine room cooler and simply set the temp to a cigar-appropriate range.

I built a wine room, but the suggestions you get from the guys who have done it for cigars will be more on point.

One last note: there are companies that specialize in humidity control for wine rooms. These are large-scale active humidity systems, much like the large-scale coolers. I'm not sure how rock steady these are but it's worth researching. Not inexpensive, I'm sure, but if the room is large enough ....
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A closet is simpler than a room.

Cigars are similar to wine - temp consistency is more important than actual temp. Wine sweet spot is 10 to 20 degrees cooler than cigars. I keep my wine at 55F and cigars approximately at ambient household temp. Cigars like it more humid. My wine is at 40 to 50% RH, cigars are at about 63%.

Shoot for high R-value for the walls and ceiling. All mine are R-27. Make sure there's a vapor barrier on both sides of the wall. Why? Because as temps change you could get condensation on either wall, and you want that to form outside the insulation. Use an exterior door. Interior doors are shitty insulators and will de-laminate under the moisture load.

Shelving doesn't really matter as long as it can't warp or rust. If it's metal, ensure it's painted. If it's wood, make sure it's solid. If the walls are wallboard make sure it's got a good moisture resistance. Greenboard is good, but you also need a sealer. Use luan or another reputable plywood over the top if desired, but let it offgas well before sealing the door.

Seal it completely! Unregulated air exchange kills you. Weatherstrip and seal the outlets with foam.
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"Weather stripping?"

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I helped a friend build one. Used cement board (used in bathrooms) instead of sheetrock. Used a console humidifier from Sears and a gauge with a remote sensor. That way it could be monitored without opening the door
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