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Drew Estates Undercrown Flying Pig

CIGAR: Drew Estates Undercrown Flying Pig

SIZE: Perfecto/Torpedo 4 1/8 X 60.

COST: It varies with supply and locale, but a ballpark of $12 to $14 dollars singles price.

CONSTRUCTION: A solid little cigar with a Wrapper of Dark Chocolate, almost black in color. All aspects of construction appear solid from the tapered foot to the Man Bun knot on the top. This is a good looking cigar with a nice heft for it's size.

PRE-LIGHT: Upon close inspection I find a cracked head below the twisted tobacco top. Well, that happens to everyone, I guess. I go ahead and give it a clip. There is a very definite aroma of Cedar on the cigar wrapper. The draw has that and an almost musky scent. (but a very light herbal type, no Jovan here)The cracked cap is loose, but it has a decent draw to it, so. With my apologies to Pink Floyd....



As I apply flame to the foot, the pig takes off quickly. It lights fast and uniformly. This is the first Undercrown Flying Pig for me. I've had a few of the Liga Privada 9 versions before. Those are tasty piggies indeed. So, this one has a bit to live up to. The copy on this vitola is rather varied. DE states that they use other vintages and priming's from the Liga9 and T-52 tobaccos and an Otapan Negro Ultimo Corto Capa. So, it's very different, but with some similarities. I'm getting a really good smell coming off of the cigar, but that flavor has not hit me in the mouth yet. A slightly dry pepper spice with the cedar seems to be the main attraction so far. I expect this diminutive perfecto to be up and squealing shortly.(see what I did there?) So, far the cracked cap has not impeded the experience.


After about 3/4th of an inch the flavor begins to come online. Not in a mad dash, but in increments. a gradual ramping up of more potent spices and again that light floral musk. I must admit it's completely different than the Liga 9 Flying Pig. The LP9 FP is a powerhouse cigar, a very potent swine with an attitude like a Razorback, if you will. This is Medium to borderline full, whereas the LP9 was Full all the way. The nice thing about the way they designed this shape, is that the cigar's head has a nice taper to it. That makes the big 60 ring gauge size a non issue, that's a smart move. It also assists with the draw. The cigar is smoking cool as you might think with such a large RG. A really solid black pepper and spicy red pepper are late to the party, but they work here. So instead of a club over the head by the LP9, you get a nice stroll through the spice garden. So, this is a more domesticated, well mannered kind of hog, like an Arnold the Pig! The floral musk is completely gone now, leaving the spicy bits in charge. So, I'm really liking this section, roughly 1.5 inches in.


There is just a touch of molasses, just a touch though. I will say this, there's way more variety in this stick, than the Liga Privada ever dreamed of. It's funny, I remember exactly where I was when I had my very first Liga Privada 9 Flying Pig. We were at Buddha Daddy's Annual Herf. We had gone out early, on a Thursday to get a jump on the 3 day Herf. We stopped at a hole in the wall Taqueria. Where we proceeded to enjoy epic burritos, ice cold beer and great cigars. All while sitting outside and admiring picturesque Anaheim. That's where I smoked the first Liga Privada 9 Flying Pig. I remember specifically, because of the event and because most guy's there had never had one either, being that they were a brand new release. That was a great weekend and with the exception of a random 2 AM visit from the fire department. Something about a bonfire in the backyard, I dunno what the big deal was. I mean what's a little fire in a yard filled with semi sober individuals goofing around for 3 days with little or no sleep. What's the worst that could happen......don't answer that.


What a great little cigar. I never got the espresso and cashews that the DE script say's are there, but I like this profile better than if those flavors were actually here. It's going fast now, but that's to be expected. Still it's a very good cigar and it produced a wide variety of flavor combinations. Towards the end the body developed several good sized cracks in the wrapper and began to heat up a bit. The cracks at the head affected the draw a bit, but it could have been a lot worse. Special sizes like this are like treats for the average cigar smoker. They usually don't make huge numbers of them. These are more available than the Liga Privada 9's ever were and that's good. I like the size the construction and the scavenger hunt for flavor that this cigar took me on. it always kept me interested and entertained. That's a good thing to say about any cigar. So, check this cigar out. The Drew Estates Undercrown Flying Pig. You might enjoy having your own little Pig Roast, all you gotta do is catch them before they take off.


A special shout out to Xrundog, Thanks again!

Laura-Beth, My Love...

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