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Cigar Reviews This room is for organized blind reviews, individual reviews by CW Members and reviews entered into the database that the Editors feel are particularly well done.

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Gran Habano #5 Rothchild

Cigar: Gran Habano Corojo #5

Size: Rothchild 4.5 X 50 Ring Gauge.

Wrapper: A lovely Sun Grown Nicaraguan Maduro Wrapper.

Price: Prices range from $5 to $7 dollars for singles.

Pre-Light: The Sun Grown Nic Wrapper is almost red in coloration. That's interesting on a Maduro cigar. It has a flat matte finish to go with it, there is no gloss, what so ever, on it. There are interesting little glittering crystals of plume all over the flat surface of the cigar. It is solidly filled and uniform in size. The clip occurs without any drama and the draw is likewise easy going. The spicy note from the draw bodes well for the immediate future. There's nothing left to do but burn it down.


Spark: The Gran Habano Corojo #5 Rothchild springs to life at the first application of fire to the foot. I do not recall ever having this particular size GH C#5 before. That's not completely surprising since Gran Habano makes this cigar in 15 different sizes from 4.5 X 40 all the way up to 7 X 70. They have 4 sizes at or above 60 RG. But for balance there are 7 sizes at 50 RG or smaller. For me the Corojo #5 is their heavy hitter line. But they have several other's that span the mild to wild range and s few LTD type smokes along the way. But, let's return to this little gem, the RH C#5 Roth. Flavor is on full attack here with waves of white pepper at the front and an earthy and potent tobacco spice on the back of the throat. These are full power cigars. They can be a bit much when fresh. I would go as far as saying they can be overpowering ROTT. But with just a small bit of rest they transform into great Full House cigars. I cannot imagine what the 7 X 70 version of this potent puppy would be like.


Since this is a extra short smoke I go ahead and remove the bottom Band. It comes off with such ease, that it reminds me of a pet peeve I have with Cigar Manufacturer's whom attach labels with industrial grade permanent type of adhesives. What in the name of all reason possesses them to do that? Let's see now. We've built a product that is delicate in nature, sensitive to light, temperature and touch. Why not put our brand name on it and use so much glue that it's certain to damage the very product itself by removing it? Yeah, that's a great idea, let's do that! (High fives all around! ) Thankfully, Gran Habano does not do that. The only time I recalled any issue was with a La Conquista with a cedar sleeve that did not wish to come off. That's it. So, good work there. The cigar is trucking right along and delivering the enjoyment with every puff. There's plenty of cloudy emanations coming forth from this mighty mite of a cigar. I don't know how old this one is, but it is smoking very well. The Rothchild size is great size for flavor development without a huge time requirement. It is the original "Mini Robusto" or "Short Churchill" Many think that those two are new inventions or recent ideas. Nope, the "short but fat" size concept has been around for almost as long as cigars have been around. Now, I'll concede the new mondo RG's epic proportions are a new aspect and are quite different.


The key to success in cigars, and many other endeavors, is a quality product that prices well in the marketplace. There are a few uber lines that can consistently command super high prices. However, for the rank and file cigar producers, you need an angle or a plan. Gran Habano went with the plan approach. That plan was to spread the risk and sharpen their pencils and offer a diverse range of products at various price points and flavor profiles. They have no less than 9 separate signature lines. Some of those lines have multiple options within them. Plus, there's always something in the works. The dark ash drops free from the #5 Roth and it disintegrated upon contact with the ground. I purge and clear the cigar. These have such a potent and honest flavor profile. The Nicaraguan, Costa Rican fillers combined with the Habano binder give it a powerful spicy yet flavorful punch. Then you add that Sun Grown Nic wrapper and it's a strong performer that can be had for as little as $5 if you look around a bit. That certainly sounds like a bargain. It has value and quality all in the same tidy package. It's easy to see why they are still around while many self held houses have gone under or have sold out. I have fully enjoyed this little cigar completely. So, let's look at it. A reasonably priced, well mannered, yet character rich cigar. it's perfect for after a meal or with a cooling beverage of choice. Well, that my friend's is the very definition of A Bargain.


Laura-Beth, My Love...

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